When it feels like the Sanderson sisters put a spell on you and now you’re second-guessing your dream wedding dress.

Dreaming of your wedding day is something that’s been on your mind ever since you were a little girl. Although you can picture what your wedding dress would look like, it probably has changed over the years as you’ve grown and bridal styles have evolved. From over-stated satin ruffles to all-over lace long sleeves, it’s been difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want and where to find it. But before you doubt the magic- like Max Dennison in Hocus Pocus- of saying “yes to the dress”, there is always a Jasmine wedding dress perfect for you. You obviously want to find a wedding dress your partner will *melt* seeing you in, so naturally, this can be quite stressful. However, always remember to get a good laugh in while you’re at it. Just for fun, here are some totally relatable GIFs from Hocus Pocus about hunting for the wedding dress (not children) of your dreams.

When he/she finally pops the question and you bask in all of the love and excitement:

Rounding up the crew for your wedding dress appointment:

Walking into your dress appointment like:

Doing the walk and sit test in a dress that you are 100% uncomfortable in:

When you have to bring in back-up because another bride has her eye on the same dress in the same size and refuses to back down:

Your bride crew’s reaction to you stepping out with the first wedding dress you try on:

Your mom telling you to calm after trying on the entire salon’s dresses without any luck:

Trying on a winning contender after many failed dress attempts:

When you find out that a Jasmine Bridal offers customizations on their wedding dresses:

How you feel as soon as you tried on a Jasmine Bridal dress:

And saying yes to said Jasmine Bridal dress:

When your Jasmine dress is altered to fit you just right:

Walking down the aisle during the ceremony in your Jasmine wedding dress:

Your partner’s reaction making you realize it all was worth it:

We hope you had a good laugh. Ready to shop? Browse our collections here, then go find your dream Jasmine dress! Locate an authorized retailer near you here.

*All GIFs are sourced from Giphy.com*