So you just recently got engaged! Now what?! Once you’ve shared with everybody the great news and officially have changed your relationship status on Facebook to Feyoncé (ok they don’t have that status option, but how sweet would that be?), you have to set a date. Your wedding date helps determine how soon you should begin trying on dresses. Jasmine Bridal offers customizations for dresses as well as shipping speed, so it’s a no brainer when it comes to wanting to be a #RealJasmineBride.

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Visit your local Jasmine Bridal retailer and a bridal consultant can help you through this pivotal, but exciting process. Not sure where to find one? Search for your local retailer here. Don’t forget to bring your posse! We suggest inviting your closest confidants- mom, sister(s), best friend, and maybe your bridesmaids. Though, it’s best if you shop with only a small group as you don’t want to be overwhelmed, confused or stressed out with too many opinions flying at one time. But if you can’t NOT invite everyone want there, then go for it! We want you to feel at your best and your squad brings that out in you.

Start Dress Shopping ASAP If…

You Want a Custom Dress Made
Jasmine Bridal can customize any gown design we already have and because of that, we are able to create your dream dress in a timely manner. Though, to be on the safe side, it is important that you begin shopping as soon as possible so that you can make sure that we have the proper fabrics and materials needed so that your dress arrives in time. This also provides a cushion for shipping as well. One less thing to worry about and of course, a peace of mind.

Your Wedding is Less than 12 Months Away
Because we work so closely with our production and shipment facilities, our communication with both ends are seamless. Now that doesn’t mean you can order your dress and it will be here in a snap of a finger, but it’s important to understand that dresses take time to be constructed. If you’re looking to get married within months of getting engaged, your dress options are slimmer as it’s harder to request custom details like train length or beading, but can be doable at Jasmine Bridal within limitation. You can always go on a hunt at a sample sale and find something with some details that you do love. With a bit of alterations, your dress will be ready in no time.

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If Your Wedding is at Least One Year Away..

Ideally, you need a year to begin your search for the one after you’ve found the one. We’ll give you the complete timeline of your journey to finding your perfect wedding dress. If you’re getting married in two years, it doesn’t hurt to start window shopping, AKA browsing the web, from the comfort of your bed. You can determine what your likes and dislikes are. Also, your wedding venue and date can help you cross dress details off. For example, if you’re having a Fall wedding in the mountains, it would probably make more sense to have sleeves or a cute faux fur bolero and eliminate the cathedral train if you’re walking through heavy grasses. And during this time you of course should set a budget. Once you’ve crossed these off your list, about 10-12 months before the big day, you can start visiting your local Jasmine Bridal retailer.

You may not want to buy your dress too early because of a few factors. The most obvious is that you could change your mind if you found something prettier, yet you’re stuck with a dress you aren’t so sure about anymore. Your weight could also fluctuate in 1+ years- you might not be the same size the day of then you were when you first tried on your dress. Your weight most likely won’t vary by much if you find a dress closer to your date. And a not-so-obvious factor, is storage. If you live in tiny apartment and have a big ball gown, you don’t want to keep it crumpled in the back of  your closet. Although, you can always ask your boutique if they can hold it for you.

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8 Months Away- Down Payment on a Dress
After you’ve made a final decision, you will know it’s the one because you won’t be able to stop thinking about it nor want to take it off! This is when you buy your dress. Typically boutiques require a 60% deposit, so you have an idea. Once Jasmine Bridal receives bridal orders, it usually takes about 14 weeks from production to delivery. With our production facilities overseas, shipping can vary, so we advise adding two weeks to that. Make sure your measurements are correct. And as mentioned earlier, we can do custom measurements and special services, so you want to make sure all of that is correct as well. You’ll most likely sign a contract and double check to make sure they will give you a confirmation call when it has arrived.

6 Months Away- Accessories, Undergarments, HMU
By now you should have your dress ordered, so it’s time to shop for the rest of your look! If you didn’t order a veil when you purchased your dress, you can now. Not only this, but you can purchase your other necessities as well- undergarments, jewelry, and shoes. These things are important to have before your next dress fitting since you want to visualize your day of look. Having your shoes on hand is essential because during your next dress fitting, the tailor can pin and alter your dress correctly so you don’t end up stumbling down the aisle. You might want to walk around the house in your shoes, get adjusted to them and of course break those bad boys in! You want the right undergarments for your dress so that it fits where it needs to without showing and holding everything in place. If your dress requires a specific bra and underwear, you’ll want to bring these to your first fitting. If you plan on wearing a garter, you can shop for this too.

Have your hair and make up trial done. Since you have your whole look including accessories and your veil (or no veil), you can do a test run of your make up. Whether you want a natural, airy look or a complete make over, your make up artist will work with you to figure out what looks best on you. When choosing a hairstyle, you want to take a few things into consideration. Your veil- how do you want it to sit in your hair? This may be a little personal, but still important, your sweat habits- do you sweat easily? Your ceremony/reception- is it outside? Will your wedding be in the summer? You don’t want to sweat off your curls and make up after putting in all that time and effort.

3 Months Away- First Dress Fitting
You’re ready for your first dress fitting! With all of your accessories in possession, you’ll want to bring these with you so you can see how everything looks together. Don’t forget to bring your shoes and undergarments! As mentioned before, the tailor will be able to alter your dress in the right places so it can fit perfectly on you. This appointment and timing is so important because you want to make sure the dress alterations are finished in time for the big day. The tailor will also add bustle points to your dress so that it still fits well and looks good when it’s time to take the train up.

Bride Jessica looking timeless in her custom style T192010|| see the original here || Amy Galon Photography

Six Weeks Away- Second Dress Fitting
This is when you make sure the previous alterations made are flawless. Most dresses will require two or three fittings, so this fitting is for minor revisions. You’ll want to walk around in your dress with your shoes to make sure the hem is just right and the straps aren’t falling on your shoulders or digging into you. If everything is complete, the boutique will fix the small stuff and steam out the wrinkles in time for your pick up.

Two Weeks Away- Final Dress Fitting
Your dress is finally going home with you! During your final fitting, this is where everything comes together. Wear your jewelry, shoes, and undergarments so you can finalize anything and everything since you’re down to the wire. You’ll want to bring someone very close to you so they can experience this moment with you. Make sure to wear waterproof mascara and have tissues on hand- happy tears will happen! As a Jasmine Bride, it will finally feel real with your dress on and you’ll know your dress was the one. When you get home, find a safe place away from your significant other so he/she doesn’t see it before you get married. If you have beading or embellishments on either your dress or veil, you’ll want to store them separately so no snags or rips happen.

The Day Before
Pack everything up by each other-


so everything is all together in one place. Bring a steamer for any wrinkles that were made during transportation. You can also pack an emergency kit in case something happens (*knock on wood*) like a Tide pen, needle & thread, make up wipes, clothespins, band-aids, oil blotting sheets, fishing wire (for snags), etc. Anything that will give you some sanity. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep too! 

Day Of- You’re Getting Married!
This is it! The moment you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl and now it’s finally here. It takes about a half an hour to fit into your dress, so give yourself ample amount of time for that. You have buttons to button, hooks to hook, laces to lace, and buckles to buckle. You don’t want to feel rushed or stressed, so your schedule of getting ready should have that factored in.

Don’t forget to enjoy this special day with your spouse surrounded by your loved ones. It wasn’t easy to look this stunning, so make sure to take lots of pictures and have loads of fun. You will be, without a doubt, a show stopping #RealJasmineBride!

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