Custom wedding dress makers are hard to find. When a bride has a specific dress in mind, it’s often difficult to find someone who can make her dream dress become a reality. On the other hand, creating a dress from scratch can also be expensive (as if brides aren’t spending a lot on their wedding already). No seamstress? No problem! While many #RealJasmineBrides put their dream wedding dress in Jasmine Bridal’s hands, our designs are something unique and custom-made. And the results are stunning.

Jasmine Custom Wedding Dress Services

Neckline Adjustments

Neckline adjustments can be made if, for example, brides want to raise the neckline for modesty and/or comfort. Our bride Talia worked with The Little White Dress to make a custom wedding dress to Jasmine Couture Style T182051. We added an illusion neckline, but finished the edge with a beaded trim that matched with the back straps . The trim seamlessly flowed across the neckline to the back accordingly. With the changes made to Talia’s dress, Jasmine created a unique dress just for her.

Backline Adjustments

Every bride has her own style and Jasmine strives to reflect that through her custom wedding dress. Sincerely Yours Bridal in Missouri helped #RealJasmineBride Kourtney build a custom backline from Jasmine Collection F211004. Brides can sculpt the neckline and backline to fit their body shape so that they feel most like themselves. The backline on Kourtney’s dress sculpts into a slight scoop with inverted V straps added for extra back detailing.

Added Straps

Something as simple as adding straps is a popular custom service we offer. Instead of worrying about pulling up their dress, brides can stay comfortable all day with shoulder straps made from the same lace/materials. Our bride, Jostalyn, added thick lace straps that matched the back bodice lace which seamlessly attached to the lace pattern. Our production crew ensures that custom change designs work- the quality of craftmanship is one of our top priorities.

Added Sleeves, Added Fabric

We also received this dress from Sincerely Yours. #RealJasmineBride Liz recently married and fell in love with our Jasmine dress (and B2 Bridesmaid dresses!). The original deep V-neck changed to a sweetheart bodice and finished with 3/4 sleeves sewn in Chelsea lace. Not only did we add sleeves, but extra skirt volume made it a ball gown instead of an A-line silhouette. Because it is a custom wedding dress in black, we swapped the lace on the original dress with dyed Chelsea lace to match the sleeves.

Sleeve Removal

Custom changes to dresses also include removing or eliminating details, like sleeves. If brides want a sleeveless wedding dress, but their dream Jasmine dress comes with any length sleeve, they can be removed. Our bride, Elizabeth, chose to remove the cap sleeves and bring up the back from a deep V to illusion back. In addition, the lace placement on the illusion back drew inspiration from Jasmine Couture Style T192052. Brides can take elements of various Jasmine styles to create a custom wedding dress of her own. Because our bride wanted to stay modest in the neckline and the back, the details from the long sleeve dress was perfect.

Though making a custom wedding dress may seem impossible, at Jasmine Bridal, there isn’t anything we can’t do. From waist height adjustments, to lace appliqué placement change, brides can wear the wedding dress she has always wanted. Jasmine Bridal can create custom wedding dresses using our current designs as a foundation and fashion the perfect dress. So every bride can be one-of-a-kind.