Color palettes for fall bridesmaid dresses are here! Apparently fall was short-lived as Jasmine’s headquarters woke up to snow on the ground today. But we’re not letting go of fall just yet- the leaves are still turning beautiful colors and we love the landscapes we’re seeing! With mix and match bridesmaid dresses taking it to the next level with both textures and colors, Jasmine Bridal has a ton of fabrics in gorgeous colorways to choose from. Fall bridesmaid dresses make any wedding palette fun with the endless opportunities. We’ll show you our favorite trending palettes that even Pantone would approve of.

Blue Moon

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses- Blue

Blue hues will forever be an all-year round wedding choice. Because blues are easy to work with, these fall bridesmaid dresses will make any wedding party get all the likes. The diverse array of colors and fabrics mesh so well together even if no dress is the same. Mixing and matching is simple with blue tones. And a white floral bouquet to contrast really ties the entire look together. Blue is sincere, represents loyalty, wisdom, strength, and trust. According to the Color Meaning website, blue likes to build strong relationships too. All the right ingredients for a perfect marriage. Not only that, its complementary color is orange! Imagine an orange seasonal landscape, the perfect wedding backdrop. You imagined fall, right? It’s no surprise that blue bridesmaid dresses are a foolproof pick.

Band of Gold

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses- Yellow

We have a strong feeling marigold/mustard yellow colors are in the running for Pantone’s Color of the Year. Due to its recent popularity in fashion, yellows are quickly growing on us. Not only is a yellow fall bridesmaid dress unique and colorful, but it brings out the best in the maid. And we’re talkin’ mustard/gold yellow, not the bright and bold yellow tones. This palette is neutral with the taupes and beiges, but that pop of marigold vibrates with the fall foliage harmoniously. Yellow is the color of sunshine, youth, joy. It represents all happy feelings, loves challenges, and it encourages communication. The perfect concoction for an ever-lasting marriage.

Soak Up the Sun

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses- Rusty Orange

Not only is mustard yellow a trending hue, but corals and rusty oranges are a current favorite in the bridal industry. Orange is the epitome of autumn and rusty hues are quintessential fall bridesmaid dress colors. Play around with this spectrum to mirror the nature’s topiary and the results are unprecedented. Though one may think that this color is a bit vibrant, more photographers and brides are drawn to the dark and photograph edits full of emotion. Color Meaning says orange both bright and warm, and provides emotional strength during difficult times. Sounds like we’re describing your bridesmaids, doesn’t it? With a pop of color, perhaps a violet/magenta tone in the bouquet, the oranges really stand out.

Raspberry Beret

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses- Burgundy

And last, not least, we have our berries and burgundys. Autumn weddings and deep red fall bridesmaid dresses go hand in hand. Not that it has been overused, but it has endless style themes that it looks smashing every time. Because burgundys and maroons are a blend of both reds and purples, the richness of the hues can lean either to warmer or cooler tones. Fall creates both warm and cool effects, so it is easy to mix and match and an effortless choice for fall bridesmaid dresses. Red is associated with passion and desire, while pink is the color of love which you can see tones of in the berry palette. Red indicates perseverance and strength, qualities for a long-lasting marriage, along with selfless and unconditional love that reflect the color purple.

For more gorgeous inspiration, head over to our Pinterest to find details that will make your autumn wedding magnificent. Shop your fairytale fall dress here and become a #RealjasmineBride <3