It is no surprise that couples love destination weddings! It can be a friends and family filled wedding day and a vacation all in one. Deciding on your wedding day look for a beach wedding can seem overwhelming but we are here to tell you, this can be easy! First, let’s assume you have your destination picked out and booked, usually the resort will assist you with all your wedding day plans like time of day, location of ceremony and reception, and décor. A lot of couples love this because it takes a lot of the headache out of wedding planning. Obviously, the planning at your destination will vary depending on your choice. So, you have your destination chosen, now let’s talk about your dress.

A few things to consider when choosing a bead wedding dress is the weather. Will it be hot? Will it be sunny? Will there be sand involved in your nuptials? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions. Then you should go with a wedding dress that is lightweight and comfortable. Other than that, your beach wedding dress should fit your style. There are no rules in regards to whether or not it should be mermaid, sheath, ball gown, lace, beaded, etc. All the details are up to you! It is OK to go glam on the beach! Just make sure the dress is not too heavy to avoid unnecessary sweating. You can also choose a ball gown for your beach wedding dress, look for a lightweight ball gown, maybe in tulle for a lightweight princess inspired beach wedding dress.

Most of all remember, there are no rules when it comes to wedding dress shopping or deciding on your gown. The most important factor is you and your love. Here are a few examples of lightweight dresses that you can rock at your beach wedding or choose for your wedding here in the United States. Again, no rules!

Whatever style you choose for your beach wedding day will be perfect. Choose from so many of our beach wedding dresses or make some changes to our styles for a custom wedding dress. Most importantly, enjoy dress shopping!

Xo Jasmine