Wedding dresses have continuously evolved over time and have drifted away from the
traditional white wedding dress that we all think of when we hear the word wedding dress.
More and more brides are putting their own style to their wedding dress and incorporating their
personality into their dream dress. It isn’t weird or unusual to see a bride in something far from
traditional; in fact, unique wedding dresses have become a bridal trend within the past years.

One of the more prominent characteristics to a unique wedding dress is its color. For the
longest time, wedding gowns were always white or ivory. It’s the choice of color by default when
ordering a wedding gown because it’s what we all know it to be. Once the traditions started to
break out and more brides made the bold choice to choose the color that they truly wanted to
wear, it opened people’s minds and became something that was no longer out of the ordinary.

A bold choice of color that we have seen from one of our #RealJasmineBrides is the color
black. Our beautiful real bride, Precious, ordered a custom black wedding dress which was in the
Jasmine Couture wedding dress style T192061. Black…the complete opposite from white. It was a
bold choice that worked and looked whimsical as she wore her beautiful black wedding dress on
her special wedding day located in the romantic city of Paris. Precious’ black wedding dress fit
perfectly as she stood out and looked regal next to her husband.

So for all of our brides-to-be…and aspiring brides, don’t be scared to step out of the box
and wear the wedding dress that YOU want. Stay true to yourself and customize your wedding
gown as much as you want because at the end of the day it’s your wedding. You’re supposed to
feel special and authentically yourself next to your husband or wife to be!

XO Jasmine