For many years it was customary for a bridal party to wear an all matching style of dress. However, just like bridal style, bridesmaid trends are ever changing and there are some particular trends we are so excited about!

More brides are starting to encouraging their bridesmaids to be comfortable and show off their personal styles by opting for chic coordinated looks rather than all matching dresses. A bride may just designate a color palette or dress length and let their bridesmaids choose the styles that suit them best. We are no longer seeing every bridesmaid wearing the same exact dress, and it is expected that less brides will take the traditional matching bridesmaid looks as time goes on. Brides really would much rather let their bridesmaids pick out their own mismatched dress for the wedding.

Mixed patterns, textures and even two-piece styles are becoming more popular, along with a complimentary palette that includes hues and tones that allow a bridal party to select what is the perfect dress for them. Velvet dresses and even jumpsuits in deep jewel tones with fresh flowers or simple headpieces are starting to pop up at wedding and it is gorgeous!

A lot of brides are also starting to take a more minimalist approach to their weddings. They are ditching the large bridal party altogether and instead having small wedding parties with just a MOH, just family or none at all and instead asking everyone they know to wear identical looks for a few photos. Many brides are also opting for a smaller bouquet themselves and something even more minimal for their bridesmaids, such as a few focal flowers and some greenery. And do not forget versatility is a big trends for 2019, with dresses that can be worn again in multiple ways. It is adding to the planet-friendly vibe we are seeing in many weddings – We are loving all these trends and we hope you do, too!

XO Jasmine