Just as much as you want to be the belle of the ball, you want all your bridesmaids to look their best too. You know they are all going to take an absurd number of photos and snap chats on your special day, so when you choose the perfect dress for your #bridesquad, it obviously has to be Instagram-worthy. We have been watching the bridesmaid trend closely to stay on top of the game and a couple of major styles have caught our eye. This Spring 2020, we had the maid in mind, so the style, ease and investment on her dress will be totally worth it!

Your bridesmaids dedicate a lot of time and money into making their girl friend’s day super special, so you want to make everything as easy and budget-friendly as possible, right? Having that feeling of guilt that they’re spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that they 1.) didn’t pick out themselves and 2.) are going to wear once is an added stress factor that you (and they) don’t need. Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaids dress collections have stepped up their designs so that your maids don’t have to spend the extra time and cash creating the perfect look for you. Our fabrics, construction and overall design truly make the dress a great investment so they won’t get shoved in the back of the closet and can be worn the next time you do girls night.


With lace leading the bridal industry for some time now, we wanted our bridesmaids to match the bride with our tulle storyline. We’ve added some lace appliques against soft tulle for a romantic feel- perfect at an outdoor garden or vintage barn ceremony. We also ventured into well-performing fabrics like sequins and laces in a new way. This season, you’ll see a gorgeous tulle with embroidered sequins, giving it a hand-beaded appearance than your usual all-over sequin fabric all over the market. Brides have been so into mixing and matching that we’ve created a set of convertible dresses that your girls can add their own style to their look. They can tie their dress in a ton of different ways so that the overall look is still uniform, but each one has her own style of top. Alterations can be pricey, but with our convertible and stretch illusion dresses, your bridesmaids can easily alter her own dress (no sewing necessary!). Chances are she won’t need to because the dresses’ waistbands are elastic- no taking in or out needed. We line our stretch illusion gowns with jersey fabrics, making it the most comfortable and soft against the body for all-day wear.


Aside from convertible tops, our B2 collection features more lace, but as a separate! Because mixing and matching is so popular, we wanted to offer more ways to do so and lace top separates are the perfect way. They are paired with a simple, yet elegant spaghetti strap gown, so your bridesmaid can wear either piece even after the wedding! Color-blocking, another form of mixing and matching, is gaining speed in the industry. This storyline introduces a set of dresses with 8 beautiful color combinations to choose from. Color-blocking is a great way to highlight your matron/maid of honor amongst your bridal party or match the maids’ bouquets to the hues in the dress.


More and more brides are attracted to a clean look wedding and JB delivers on it. We used crepe and chiffon fabrics to create sophistication and all the sleekness. Not only are they clean and simplistic, but these gowns can be dressed down (after the wedding, of course) like with a leather jacket or some cute sneakers. More bang for your buck! You’ll see simple silhouettes, minimal embellishments, and beautiful draping throughout the collection. You’ll also find another two-tone color story with top and bottom separates, even dressy pants! Her investment in these pieces truly go a long way outside of your special day without giving up a flawless bridal party look.

Moving forward, we’re anticipating more gorgeous color matches and combinations to come. We are always seeking out the best quality fabrics to give our brides only the best, so if you’re early in the planning stages, don’t settle for anything less than your girls deserve. By keeping our designs & construction new, fresh and definitely fashion-forward, it will give you all the reasons to make your bridesmaids a #RealJasmineBridesmaid.