So many girls dream of their weddings at a very young age. They imagine what their wedding dress will look like, where it will be, what color theme they want, what their wedding cake will look like, the colors that they’ll have their bridesmaids wear…but most importantly they will dream of a fairytale wedding with a happily ever after ending! As a little girl we tend to grow up watching those Disney princess movies where the princess almost always ends up with their prince. We watch those movies and get inspired by that fairytale wedding with the beautiful ball gown wedding dresses, whimsical wedding decorations, and a breathtaking castle to get married in. These are the things that most girls dream of.

Planning a fairytale wedding means finding some of the most exquisite décor that your guests will never forget. It means including some of those memorable elements that we all saw when watching the Disney princess movies. We imagine a lot of flowers and floral décor, a chandelier or two, a 6-layer wedding cake, and maybe even a carriage ride for the bride and groom to ride off into forever in. Having the perfect fairytale wedding can take time and definitely a lot of preparation, but it’s something that will be worth it once everything comes together. Fairytale weddings are the types of weddings that will make the bride feel like a real life princess finally getting her happily ever after with her real life prince. If you’re planning your fairytale wedding and want to be inspired you can visit Jasmine Bridal’s Fairytale Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board!

Yes, the décor and details to a fairytale wedding are important, but it wouldn’t be complete without the bride walking down the aisle in one gorgeous ball gown wedding dress. I think we can all agree that the wedding dress is the most important part of a wedding because what’s a fairytale wedding without its princess? That moment when we watch the bride walk down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments of a wedding. When we think of a fairytale princess we automatically imagine a dress with a ball gown skirt and exquisite details that will take your breath away. Finding the perfect wedding dress for your real life fairytale wedding means browsing through all of Jasmine Bridal‘s beautiful wedding dresses. From lace to beading, and tulle skirts. Jasmine Bridal’s wedding dresses are timeless and breathtaking, leaving you feeling like a real life fairytale princess.