We were not all created equal. And, of course, all moms are unique, so it’s easy to see why Jasmine Bridal is the #1 pick for mom. When it comes to mother of the bride shopping, Jasmine offers a style for all, including curvy mother of the bride dresses. Our girls at Botticelli 14 & Up in Rhode Island, specialize in Generous Clothing for the Curvaceous Woman. That is to say, take a look at the shoot these gorgeous ladies had, get inspired, and get shopping!

Ok, when we received these photos from Botticelli 14 & Up, we absolutely fell in love! Everything about this photoshoot was perfect. Navy is such a popular color for both regular and curvy mother of the bride dresses, but it’s definitely easy to see why. These two looks are so effortless and, not to mention, the sequins and sparkle really bring out her smile! Jade Couture and Jade dresses simply draw your eyes to her gorgeous face and pearly whites. Pair it with simple dangly earrings or studs to complete this look. Keep scrolling to see more beauties and the dress 😉

Custom Services

Jasmine Bridal offers plus-size and curvy mother of the bride dresses in sizes 22-30+. But not only do we offer a range of sizes, we also specialize in custom services offerings so full-figure moms can look and feel beautiful all day. Whether mom needs a custom bust size, sleeve adjustments, waist changes, or even raising the neckline, we can customize our curvy mother of the dresses to fit just for her. Here are some other, lesser known custom options we offer for our three mother of the bride labels:

  • Adjust skirt length (crotch length for pants)
  • Skirt slit removal
  • Add illusion neckline/backline
  • Add/remove details
  • Add top length
  • Sleeve conversion

If there is something that you don’t see, it doesn’t hurt to ask. In other words, Jasmine Bridal is capable of adjusting and customizing dresses in ways most curvy mother of the bride dress companies aren’t capable of. The Botticelli 14 & Up can find the perfect Jade Couture, Jade, or Black Label dress for mom with their expertise.

MOB Labels

Jade Couture features curvy mother of the bride dresses with that razzle dazzle. Now, she doesn’t want to go over the top and possibly outshine the bride, but she definitely will turn heads. This label can be worn at galas and formal events too, so mom’s small investment in her Jade Couture dress will be well worth it. Our next label is Jade which is for the modest mom who wants to look beautiful, but doesn’t want to steal the show. Jade dresses are ideal for a casual wedding and have more uses than just for the wedding. Think bridal showers, milestone birthdays, even charity events and date night with dad! Black Label is the more modest label under Jasmine Bridal. With a more relaxed fit, Black Label offers plenty of swing tops, dresses and pant suits. Adorned with a hint of sparkle beading and/or metallic threads, moms can shine.

While Botticelli 14 & Up nailed it with these photos, we couldn’t be more excited that they showcased our dresses! In addition to curvy mother of the bride dresses, Botticelli Babes carries tons of clothing for the curvy woman. Be sure to visit their site and give them some love!

Boutique: Botticelli 14 & Up
Make Up:
Aline Sarkis Beauty
Photography: Kathryn Anderton Photography
Hair: Morgan at Mary Jane Salon