Here is a first look at Jasmine Spring 2020 bridal gowns. With Jose Dias as our new lead designer, we are bringing you retro glam looks and inspiration drawn from the past 100 years of fashion. We first revealed our Jasmine Couture and Jasmine Collection at the 35th Anniversary Fashion Show along with our latest collection, Privé by Jasmine, on the runway. And we couldn’t be happier with the turn out. Read more about the inspiration for Spring 2020 here. But first, take a look at Jose’s favorites from Jasmine Couture and Jasmine Collection below.

Jasmine Collection

We shot the Jasmine Collection campaign at the gorgeous Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, California. The chosen backdrop for these bridal gowns had lush rose bushes that line the entire garden. The vibrant hues of magenta, lavender and shades of green highlights the bright ivory/white gowns perfectly while we photographed them. It was a perfect sunny day. The Jasmine Collection bridal gowns photographed well on the patio of the estate also. With the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it proves that Jasmine Collection easily translates from a rustic chic ambience to a formal black tie affair.

Jasmine Collection Top Three Bridal Gowns- Designer’s Choice


This ivory stretch crepe bridal gown is simply timeless elegance. The Tiffany train with buttons adds a more glamorous feel to its clean look.

Jose: I love the idea of stretch and having something sexy, yet covered up at the same time. I was inspired by Old Hollywood Glam as well as giving a nod to 80’s with the shoulder pads and slinky look. It did so well at the Chicago Market that we are also offering it in a sleeveless option.


The detachable skirt is everything! Many brides today like to do an outfit change from their bridal gown to a party dress. And this a great way to do so. Not only does this detachable skirt give a classier look for the ceremony, it’s more affordable than purchasing another reception dress! Two bridal gowns in one.

Jose: I love all the bold and baroque laces we are finding. The dress is simplicity at its best with just the right amount of sparkle. I then wanted to add a little drama so I accompanied it with an overskirt in satin that has a lux beaded waistband and pockets. It’s the best of both worlds because you have a ball gown that converts into a slim silhouette. 


The soft tulle and off-the-shoulder on this bridal gown emanates a very romantic vibe. The skirt creates a cloud of smoke that the bride floats on- just imagine it going down the runway! The off-the-shoulder sleeves are constructed to make it stretchable when the bride lifts her arms to dance 😉

Jose: This dress as an inverted basque waist which is perfect for petites as well as plus-size brides. It is made of the softest tulle so will not add any bulk or weight. It gently slides off the lower hip while the bodice has a sexy front and back neckline with off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Jasmine Couture

This season, we focused more on beading, lace, silhouettes, and the details. Many designers throw the word “couture” around to justify its expensive price tag. Jasmine Couture bridal gowns absolutely define couture with its quality and attention to detail. A house off the Malibu Coast set the tone for the Jasmine Couture bridal gown campaign. Jose and the team felt transported back to the 1920’s in the seaside villa.

Jasmine Couture Top Three Bridal Gowns- Designer’s Choice


This gown is just absolutely gorgeous. Its simplistic look is a total classic with the diamond Mikado fabrics looking so shiny and soft. The deep V-neck is very tasteful, but the adornment of beaded waistbands dials is back to an elegant nature.

Jose: I love a clean gown but with an elaborate twist. This gown gives you such sharp architectural lines and then we bling-ed it up. I love the modern nod to a 1950’s Dior inspired gown. The pockets and crystal buttons were a hit.


Though this bridal gown is gorgeous on its own, the jacket really puts the whole look together. The jacket creates a beautiful geometric shape on the chest, creating an architectural aesthetic. The geometric lace patterns are perfect for a boho or rustic vibe.

Jose: I was inspired by the art deco skyscrapers of my native NYC. I found this bold lace which I then strategically placed throughout the body of the gown, so it would be reminiscent of the detailing you see on the facades of buildings. I also love the idea of sleeves, but here the shrug also feels like its part of the dress. The dress itself has thin straps. 


Brides are loving colored bridal gowns and we get it! This beautiful beaded bodice A-line gown comes in both black and white. It also has a clean and classic look, but the beading keeps it fun. Because of the high neckline, the back is a deep V, giving a bride a sexy feel.

Jose: This gown’s beaded bodice was inspired by a vintage clutch. I loved the geometric design and when I saw it in the design room, I decided we need to do a black and ivory version. The gown looks so rich and timeless. It is perfect for the bride who wants individuality and wants to be memorable.

Missed the fashion show? We’ll be at the New York Bridal Market next month, so stop by our booth to check out our Spring 2020 collection! Watch both Jasmine Collection and Couture bridal gowns at our 35th Anniversary Fashion Show here.