We’ll show you our favorite ways to mix and match with soft velvet bridesmaid dresses. A top trend for bridal parties is of course mix-and-matching. But why not take it to the next level? Mixing textures is such a great way to make your bridal party instagram-viral worthy. Plus! We’ll show you some Mother of the Bride velvet goodies too.

Mix-n-Match with Velvet

There is more than one way you can add some velvet bridesmaid dresses into the bridal party mix. Our B2 Bridesmaid collection carries a few different styles of velvet dresses. Similar to the mix-and-match styles that are trending right now- different tops, same fabrics- except, this mix-and-match brings texture to your bride tribe. Chiffon is safe, but velvet bridesmaid dresses are more edgy. Because the velvet fabrics are more saturated and plush, it gives a gorgeous contrast with light and flowy chiffon skirts.

Mix-n-Match with Fabric

Another fun way to mix and match with velvets is complimenting the plush with other textured fabrics. More brides are stepping out of the wedding norm and giving their bridesmaids more freedom to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and natural. Bridesmaids are a huge part of a bride’s life, it’s such a cute way for them to incorporate their own style into the wedding. Velvet bridesmaid dresses pair gorgeously with all kinds of fabrics. Lace, chiffon, even sequins for some bride squad sparkle! Now you don’t have to go crazy with the textures, but finding maids gowns with different textures of the same color palette (when done right) can really make a bride’s posse drop jaws. Jasmine Bridal offers fabric change options to make mixing and matching easier for the bridal party. Bridesmaids can find similar colors with one another without sacrificing the style.

Jasmine Bridal offers tons of bridesmaid color options, so the possibilities are endless! Need color inspo? Go here. And let the planning fun begin <3