Sorry, JT. Sexy mother of the bride dresses are taking over Jade Couture and Jade collections. From off-the-shoulder necklines to statement sleeves, moms can feel beautiful while staying comfortable all day. Our lush and stretchy fabrics are handpicked with mom in mind, so you know these dresses are made thoughtfully. We focus on details, fabrics, and draping in this blog to show what makes our Mother of the Bride dresses so sexy. See our favorites from Jade Couture and Jade Spring 2020 along with Black Label for our modest mothers.

Sexy Mother of the Bride Dresses

Jade Couture

These sexy mother of the bride dresses are clear why they are so stunning. The details on the fabrics, sequins, and simply the construction are absolutely gorgeous. On the left is our Audrey sequin lace in Bordeaux and its floral pattern perfectly shimmers in the light. The beaded trim flatters the collar and slims down the chest with its tasteful deep V-neck. And although the sequin lace sexy mother of the bride dress on the right has a boat neckline, the comfortable stretch lining hugs the body to create all of the right curves. But its the contrasting white floral embroidery against the shoulder and the hip that make the dress pop. Of course, aside from the all-over sequins. The side embroidery fashions a slimmer waist and the sparkly sequins enhance this sexy mother of the bride dress.

Mothers tend to gravitate towards clothes that she doesn’t constantly need to tug at or shift while sitting or moving. Comfort is key- especially on her son or daughter’s big day. During our designer’s trip overseas, Jose made sure to feel the lining and its elasticity and smoothness so that he could design garments that aren’t irritating or troublesome. The Jade Couture portrait neckline, made from stretch crepe, hugs at the shoulders, providing a charming amount of sexiness to mom. Contrasting textures, the plain stretch crepe with sweep train is the perfect sidekick to our new Becky embroidery lace. Mothers can feel beautiful in another Becky embroidery lace gown. This sexy mother of the bride dress has ruffles down the side showcasing some leg. The sheer 3/4 sleeve accentuates the arms with floral embroidery.

Draping is so important for mothers of the brides. Because mothers want to hide the unflattering parts she is conscious about, draping is a wonderful way to cover these parts without sacrificing fashion. Sleeve ruching on the black sexy mother of the bride dress creates thinner arms while maintaining style with its beautiful neckline. And the lace fit-and-flare skirt creates a curvy contour for a slim waist. Although we have mentioned this cobalt dress before, it’s a sexy mother of the bride dress we cannot get enough of! Not only does the beaded waistband make the waist slender, but it’s the draped cape that makes this dress an absolute stunner. With a little bit of a cold shoulder for added chicness, the cape floats gracefully down the back. It can also be worn as a top, so the cape comes with two different looks.


While Jade is a little more modest, moms don’t need to show skin in order to feel beautiful. The metallic threads on the lace adds that light touch of sparkle throughout the dress. Not only the threads, but the cinched beading at the waist creates a slender waist and gives this sexy mother of the bride dress some character. The sheer baggy sleeves balance out the rest of the gown. Waist cinching is important for mother of the bride dresses, so another fashionable way to do so is with a satin sash. Jade Style J225017 has a sash that elegantly drapes into pleating down the dress. And the simple skirt with a hint of pleats is perfectly harmonized by the sequined lace embroidery. The shimmer isn’t overbearing, but makes this sexy mother of the bride dress classy.

With Old Hollywood glam making its comeback, this sleek, simple silhouette gown is the epitome of just that. It doesn’t need any embellishments to make it a sexy mother of the bride dress. It does it all on its own. Just add a hint of sparkle with a necklace or even statement earrings with an updo. The simplicity of the gown will draw the eyes to mom’s beautiful face! Flutter sleeves, when used properly, can really make a statement. Because they slim the arms, the dramatic design of the sleeves make this cobalt gown a sexy mother of the bride dress. Pleating on the bust and lace waistband contrast well with the sheer sleeves too.

Of course comfort is a big factor when choosing a mother of the bride dress. This matte jersey fabric is soft and fits to the body. Cold-shoulder baggy sleeves are slimming for this sexy mother of the bride dress. More draping on the skirt gives depth and texture with the beading at the waist. Old Hollywood Glam vibes as well, but with more personality. Nude stretch lining hugs the body comfortably while the black lace netting is shown on top. It’s almost as if the lace is floating with the contrasting lining. This sexy mother of the bride dress has a portrait neckline with the pleated sleeve netting. It’s sheer enough to stay modest and classy.

Modest Mother of the Brides Dresses

Black Label

Everyone loves sequins- they’re shiny and make beautiful patterns like this Audrey sequin lace mother of the bride set. Although it is more modest, the stunning sequin work on the top is glamorous. For the more conservative mother, it comes with a Charlotte Chiffon jacket for extra coverage. Its stretch lining is comfortable and swing jacket is light and airy. Peplum tops slenderize the waist like this rose quartz beauty. Not only the silhouette of the top, but the embellished waistband is a pretty adornment to the slimming peplum. The metallic lace luster in the light creates a glow while mom walks down the aisle.

This elegant mock top gown adorns beaded lace on each shoulder. Because the Jade Chiffon is simplistic on its own, the beaded shoulders add a pop of shine. Not only does the beading pop though, the bodice is made with metallic lace, so the shimmer through the Jade chiffon is perfectly subtle. Stretch fabrics line this Midnight Pearl colorway mother of the bride dress. Mock necks are popular with older or more conservative mothers, but it still gives some flare to this all-over lace dress. It is loose and the stretch lining make it very comfortable to wear all day. A beaded trim finishes the edges of the dolman sleeves for a clean and classy look.

This gorgeous Bordeaux draped neck is embellished with shoulder lace beading. The tiers add depth to the skirt at the same time giving the Charlotte chiffon some character. The sheer sleeves with draping at the neckline make this sharp mother of the bride dress unique as well as comfortable. The dress is complete on its own, minimal jewelry is necessary. To slim the waist, this cobalt mock neck two-piece dress is tied at the waist. With a sheath skirt, the looser mock top balances it out along with the cold-shoulder sleeves. Metallic lace adorns the boat neckline with beaded trim to make it a bit more prudent while maintaining style.

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