We are seeing a major rise in elaborate wedding trains, but Jasmine’s always been a pioneer of creating statement trains. With social media at the forefront of fashion, everyone’s figuring out how to stop brides in her newsfeed scrolling tracks. Plus, fantasize the Instagram likes she will get from wearing *that* dress. We’ve picked out our favorite Jasmine dresses that will guarantee her posts to go viral.

Sleek & Simple Crepe Wedding Trains

In more recent years, simple, yet elegant and timeless wedding dresses have gotten so much more popular. It’s no surprise that this movement is gaining speed. Most importantly, they are the perfect canvas for one or more WOW factors! Like a stunning wedding train! Your guests are going to see a beautiful chic gown with clean lines and crisp fabric draping down the aisle. But as soon as you walk past, they will be dropping jaws at the gorgeous lace floating after you. Those intricate patterns, unique trims and shapes- no one will forget how beautiful you looked on your wedding day.

See-Through Lace Wedding Trains

Another popular style of wedding dress is nude lining. The nude lining gives the illusion of lace adorning the body/skin. In other words, seeing the lace trickle off onto the wedding train adds a lovely touch. Not only that, these lace wedding trains aren’t your typical circular train. Laces are cut out according to their pattern, so the remarkable scallops and trim catches the eyes without a wink. So, isn’t that what you want? You want guests to remember how special your wedding day was, love in the air, and how beautiful you looked!

All-Over Lace Wedding Trains

Lace wedding trains are obviously your usual type, but Jasmine takes them to another level. From laser cut-outs to architectural-inspired lines, we have something very unique going for us. Not only are these three show-stoppers different from one another, but they each emanate an individual aesthetic. These all-over lace wedding trains go from black tie glam to garden posh without forgetting to highlight your bride glow. In addition, these dresses will also give all the ooh’s when you walk down the aisle. Their alluring craftsmanship really shows through these lace wedding trains and their careful placement of embroidery and sequins.

What kind of wedding train style is yours? Share your style in the comments!!