Wedding style trends couldn’t possibly be seen on the runways of NYFW, you think? But. You are sadly mistaken. We spotted six different trends at both the runways and on the streets of New York that you’ll find in our Jasmine Spring 2020 collection. Whether bridal, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride/groom, there is a trend for all! Jasmine Bridal quickly proves that we are most definitely high fashion.

While we’re still feeling a bit nostalgic of our fashion show held last month, we couldn’t help but take peek at the style of New York Fashion Week. Granted, it does give us a bit of inspiration, Jasmine is stepping her game up. New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion moments for the US, but also New York proves to be one of the fashion capitals of the world. And it was clear to see why. We’ve gathered some of our favorite style moments both at NYFW and on Jasmine’s runway for you. It absolutely says why Jasmine is for all wedding style trends.

Mother of the Bride Trends

Applause for Pleats

Pleats are key when creating texture and draping on a gown. For this Jade Couture style, cinching at the waist with off-the-shoulder pleats creates depth to the fabric. This creates an illusion of slimmer arms while the pleating down the neckline draws the eyes to the slimmer waist with the jeweled belt. The half pleating in the skirt gives this mother a fun balance.

B2 Bridesmaid Trends

Little House on the Prairie

We’re feeling like we’re stepping inside a time machine right now, but we’re not mad about it. This Jasmine B2 bridesmaid dress is flirty and makes you want to twirl! The beautiful cross ruching at the bodice also creates a slimmer waist while the subtle A-line flows off the body. But it’s the ruffle trim at the bottom of the dress that is giving us major prairie vibes. This wedding style trend takes you back to simpler times while staying fashion forward. (I think it also makes a great summer dress, don’t you think?)


We are taking mix-and-match up a notch. Jasmine B2 color-blocking bridesmaids dresses are definitely a hit. With 8 different colorways, this wedding style trend has endless opportunities. Whether you mix it up with solid hues, distinguish your MOH, or want to match them with your florals. SO much to work with with these color-blocking B2 dresses!

Wedding Style Trends

Head of the Class

Hair accessories are making a total comeback, especially headbands. But who doesn’t love a little bedazzling on their head? Wearing a jeweled headband at your wedding is like wearing a tiara or a crown. Except, it’s not as over the top, impudent or sassy. Not that we think tiaras and crowns are in bad taste at your wedding- it’s your day, it is totally and completely acceptable to wear one! And it looks so gorgeous! But a headband is modest version of just that and when paired with a Jasmine Collection dress, this wedding style trend is perfection.

Menswear Moment

I know we’ve been talking about menswear for a couple of posts now, but how could we not? Crisp, clean cut blazers are EVER. Y. WHERE. It’s a classic look, but gives a little edge to this bold bride. Steering away from your traditional dress, this cape suit jacket is so on point, even the most feminine of bride can pull this off. Maybe it has a little to do with the feminist movement, but we say, wear whatever you want that makes you feel most you! There is most definitely a Jasmine style just right for you.

Ode to the 80’s

This is obviously a no-brainer. The 1980’s were all about big shoulders (shoulder pads, what what!) and neon colors. It’s easy to see why our designer chose Pretty in Pink as the accessory color for Privé Spring 2020. With a modern twist to it, the 80’s wedding style trend makes any bride feel swanky and chic and a hint of edge. Read more about Privé by Jasmine here.

Thank you to,, and for the research and photo references. To view more of NYFW street style, go here. Can you find other Jasmine Bridal x NYFW trends? Let us know in the comments below!