Here at Jasmine Bridal we are extremely excited to announce Jose Dias is taking on the new role of Lead Designer! We have brought in Jose to oversee the creation of all 8 lines for Spring 2020 – Jasmine Collection, Jasmine Couture, Belsoie, JB, B2, Jade Couture, Jade and Jasmine Black Label. He is producing fresh, on-trend and unique designs that fall in line with his design aesthetic of vintage inspired, romance with a modern twist – This will translate extremely well into all Jasmine lines. His vision is being brought into each piece, which will create a product line with mass appeal – all our lines will be reflective of including all women, not just one type. This means all the collections will have a variety of gowns that will appeal to most, but there will be a few unique and trending pieces that will really stand out for everyone else.

He will soon be traveling to Taiwan and China to be a key part of our product development and we are so excited to debut his designs come the fall!

Knowing Jose’s talents as a designer and his extensive credentials within the Bridal industry, we are sure Jasmine Spring 2020 will be an essential must-see!

Stay tuned for what’s next!

XO Jasmine