Though it may be difficult to find the perfect wedding dress that isn’t too revealing, Jasmine Bridal caters to many brides’ styles. Whether it’s for religious, personal or any other reason, we offer many different kinds of dresses that will make you feel beautiful regardless of how much lace and tulle you’re wearing.

There are certain aspects of a wedding gown that a more conservative bride is seeking out when shopping for the perfect dress. Brides don’t have to jeopardize feeling and looking beautiful on their wedding day just because they are covering up more skin than the typical bride. Our dresses are constructed with luxe fabrics that are handpicked by our designer, so we want our Jasmine brides to fall in love with her dress just as much as we love making them for her. Jasmine Bridal gowns are an obvious choice for the modest bride and we’ve selected our favorites based on the details you are looking for.

Short Sleeves

Many brides love the short sleeve look if they don’t want to bare too much arm. There are a variety of options of sleeves that you can find on Jasmine Bridal’s website. The different sleeve lengths we design on our dresses can cater to your preference. If you’re looking to cover up your shoulders, cap sleeves are perfect. But if you want to cover up more, we have three quarter sleeves and flutter sleeves for brides who don’t want to cover up *too* much.

Long Sleeves

If you are dressing for a Fall or Winter wedding and want to be comfortable, or simply because you want to cover up your arms, you have many options with Jasmine Bridal. Lace sleeves with illusion netting or sheer netting is all the rage right now in the bridal industry. Lace arms beautifully tattoo a bride giving her lovely embellishments to her bare skin. Because we work closely with our production facility, we are able to offer custom services like adding sleeves to a strapless gown.

High Neckline

We know that it’s a little harder to find a wedding dress without a deep V neck as it’s such a popular style. I admit Jasmine Bridal is guilty of it, but we do have styles that keep your neckline charmingly covered. Your grandmother’s hand-me-down pearl necklace will still sit beautifully against your lace bateau neckline gown. The fabrics we use to design classy necklines can also look gorgeous on its own so it’s one less thing to worry about. If the illusion neckline isn’t for you, we have other options to keep your look elegant.

Full Coverage

Brides who want full coverage of their neckline and arms may be having a traditional religious ceremony or simply just feel more comfortable that way. We offer a few different styles of these wedding dresses, not many, but we do. And if there is a specific design that isn’t full coverage, again, you can customize any of our dresses to make it your own!


Along with our bridal gowns, we carry tons of jackets that give you the coverage you want without hiding any beautiful detailing of your dress. You can choose a variety of jacket styles, as well as boleros and straps of different widths. Your jacket options are endless as we have so many that can change the entire look of your dress without sacrificing your favorite attributes of the dress. We can turn a strapless sweetheart into a more conservative high neckline even a turtleneck style that is just as elegant.

You don’t have to sacrifice feeling like a princess just to dress modest on your wedding day. Jasmine Bridal creates so many beautiful pieces that can serve a more conservative bride and if we don’t carry what you want to wear, we can work with you to create your dream look on your wedding day.