Real Jasmine Bride Stephny and her husband Riley had the most idyllic intimate wedding in the mountains. Just looking at their pictures will have you itching for adventure. Though, it’s not just their photos that will have you swooning, but their love story and wedding day makes these memories that much sweeter.

Jasmine Bride Stephny

Our Love Story

We met when we were 15 years old through a mutual friend. Then we started dating about a year later. There was no specific moment for either of us when we knew we were meant to be. We just knew. After being together for so long, we knew we would get married eventually- definitely did not want a big wedding. That just isn’t us. One day, the idea of getting married in the mountains was brought up and we agreed that that’s what we would do.

We were together for 11 years, so we wanted to keep our wedding simple, low-key and completely stress-free- just how it should be!

Miss to Mrs.

Just like our wedding day, it was completely stress-free, even though I knew I didn’t have time to shop around. I couldn’t make multiple appointments at different stores. I eventually narrowed it down to two dresses, but had a hard time choosing. Not having the dress fit you perfectly makes the decision more difficult! So I went with my gut. I received SO many compliments on it!

Going into the store I only wanted two things: I didn’t want the same gown/trend that everyone else was wearing and I wanted it to be flowy for our mountain wedding photos. We only had 6 months to plan a destination wedding. It was just me and my mom at the boutique, so that made it even more special. When I finally said “Yes” to the dress (Style F201006), I saw the designer was Jasmine and that was when I KNEW that I did indeed choose the right one. Jasmine is also my middle name 🙂

Our Wedding

My Jasmine dress made me feel absolutely beautiful (how a Real Jasmine Bride should feel!). Riley and I got married on top of a mountain in Glacier National Park in Montana. The whole day was too perfect to have one moment stand out more than another. We had sunshine and perfect weather- couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. We only told our immediate family of our plans and decided to keep the wedding a secret to everyone else until afterward. By keeping it a secret, I told him to wait to give me a ring until the day of the wedding. We wouldn’t change a thing!

From One Bride to Another

I would love to share some advice for other brides: Make your day a reflection of your relationship and do what will make you two happy, no one else. Your wedding day will go by so fast that it’s not worth stressing over for months about. Keep it fun and happy. At the end of the day, you will still be married to the love of your life!


Jasmine Bridal Style F201006
Dress Boutique: Our Shop Bridal @ourshopbridal
Photography: Jennifer Mooney Photography @jenniferphoto
Florals: Wooden Blooms @woodenblooms
Venue: Belton Chalet @beltonchalet
Hair: CS Bridal Styling @csbridalstyling
Makeup: Bride Stephny

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