Read all about Jasmine bride, Sidney’s fear of heights and blacking out when her now-husband, Eric, popped the question!

How did you two meet?

Eric and I met during my freshman year of college. We were both working at a sporting goods store (me in the apparel department and Eric in the golf department).

How did you know he/she was the one?

I knew Eric was the one when I realized different he made me feel than anyone I had ever met. One special thing about Eric is that he is the most kind, trustworthy person I know. When I was around him I just felt safe and that I could always be myself.

How did you or your partner pop the question?

We went on a spring break trip with some of our best friends from college to Salt Lake City. Eric and our friends really wanted to climb Angel’s Landing so we took a trip up there for the day. That was also the day we found out that I have a terrible fear of heights. Eric took our GoPro and captured our entire climb up, including me stopping and crying more than once because I was so scared. I almost couldn’t make it to the top but Eric was adamant that I tried (little did I know it was because he had this grand plan to propose). Once up there I completely forgot about my fear and he got down on one knee. I was so excited and shocked that I blacked out and I can’t remember a single thing he said 🙂

When  +  where was your wedding held?

September 29, 2018, the ceremony was at Grand Rapids Downtown Market, reception at Loft at Luna.

Describe your wedding day to us  +  how special it was!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing our wedding weekend was. From the rehearsal dinner Friday night and having everyone there in our lives that we love, to a beautiful fall wedding day, it was perfect. Eric and I say all the time we wish we could relive that day just once. It is my favorite memory.

Can you describe your dress shopping experience?

I am extremely indecisive so wedding dress shopping was hard for me. I didn’t have a particular style I loved so I tried on way too many styles without feeling like I had tried on the one. The last time I went dress shopping I just took my mom and one friend. My friend picked out the dress and when I tried it on I immediately knew it was the one.

What were your wedding colors?

Light blue, creams, and lots of greenery

How did you know your Jasmine dress was the one?

I felt like myself in it. I felt comfortable yet beautiful. It was the perfect mix of everything I had wanted. It made me feel special like a bride should on their wedding day. Everytime I tried it on during alterations or for my bridesmaids, I felt so excited for Eric to see it. It was SO hard not to show him pictures before the wedding day.


Jasmine Couture T192053
Dress Boutique: Becker’s Bridal (@beckersbridal)
Photography: Karli Kemme Photography (
Ceremony: Grand Rapids Downtown Market (@dtmarketgr)
Reception: Loft at Luna (@theloftatluna)
Hair: Alyssa Schipper Hair (
Make Up: Erick Gerson Makeup (@erickmakeup)

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