Style T212057

Detachable overskirts are a trend that has been seen in the Bridal industry for many years now and continues to be popular – due to the versatility of these skirts they have been well liked by many brides. They have been especially appealing to brides who are planning on a second dress for their reception. Brides are able to achieve a second look by simply removing the overskirt from their bridal gown – by being able to just removable your skirt and not have to change your whole outfit is amazing. Not to mention, you’re essentially getting a two-for-one deal when it comes to your wedding dress.

The other great aspect about overskirts it the fact they create the same ethereal effect at your ceremony as your veil or train. Plus, the added element of surprise that comes with a removable item post ceremony and arriving at your reception in a new look will wow all your guests. Detachable overskirts are a trend we expect to see for quite awhile!

XO Jasmine