Planning an elopement? Maybe the idea of planning a big celebration for over 100 people sounds overwhelming. Or perhaps you want to avoid a family argument. Is a private exotic location is what you’ve always dreamed? Or maybe you just simply don’t like spilling your heart out in front of a large crowd. Eloping is be the best way to celebrate your love in the most intimate, perfect setting. Remember- heading to Vegas to tie the knot isn’t just the way to elope, but there are ways to make your nuptials one to remember. We’ll give you the scoop on doing it the right way. Plus! You’ll see some Jasmine gowns that are the perfect outfit for different elopement settings.

– Planning an Elopement Do’s –

Do Realize Eloping Still Involves Planning

Because you aren’t doing a traditional wedding, there are wedding details you don’t need to worry about. Although, there are key factors that still need time and effort when you are planning an elopement. Here is a helpful To Do List:

  • Find an officiant
  • Invite guests
  • Scout a location to wed
  • Hire a photographer- you’ll want to look back at these later
  • Pick out your outfits
  • Get a marriage license
  • Order florals for the both of you
  • Determine travel arrangements

Desert Elopement

Do Tell Your Parents!

Give them a call to let them know you made it official! They shouldn’t have to find out via your changed relationship status on Facebook along with all the photos you posted. Be considerate of the fact that they might be disappointed for missing out on a pivotal moment in your life and that they weren’t a witness. You at least owe it to them to make that first call as a Mrs.

Icelandic Waterfall Elopement

Do Plan On a Celebration with Family and Friends Later

It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate celebration, but your loved ones will want to celebrate with you. After all, they have been there for you throughout your relationship! It could be as simple as a backyard soiree. Just as long as you give your family and friends a chance to congratulate you both.

Beach Elopement

Do Keep Your Guest List Small

Whether you want the ceremony to be just you two or maybe a handful of your loved ones. But it is important, while planning an elopement, that you keep the guest list to 20 people maximum. The bigger the guest list, the less intimate your ceremony will be. Don’t lose sight of why you chose to elope.

Mountain Top Elopement

– Planning an Elopement Don’ts –

Don’t Forget to Include Special Details

Just because it’s not your typical wedding, you still should make it YOU. Writing your own vows is a personal and special touch to make your ceremony intimate. You could elope in the same location where your proposal was or you had your first date. Or maybe marrying on a date that is meaningful to you- an anniversary or your first date.

Hilltop with Background City Skyline Elopement

Don’t Miss the Marriage Legalities of Where You’re Marrying

You want to make sure your marriage is legit, right? Once you pick the destination of your elopement, you want to do a little bit of research to see what is required to legalize your marriage. Number of witnesses, proper documentation, is something to figure out in order to get your marriage license. If you’re getting married internationally, make sure you have your passport and birth certificate!

Castle Elopement

Don’t Overlook Your Budget

Although you were trying to avoid the big bill a traditional wedding would’ve cost you, you don’t want to skip out on discussing your financials beforehand. When all is said and done, you could run your small elopement well into the extravagant wedding price tag. To prevent this, ask your vendors for special pricing for elopements, budget properly for travel arrangements, outfits, florals, photography/videography, post-ceremony food, etc.

Lake Near the Mountains Elopement

Don’t Skip the Marriage Announcements

This is a great way to double this announcement as an invitation for the celebration. Just because you didn’t have an extravagant wedding, you shouldn’t have to downplay your elopement. Your loved ones will be thrilled to hear of your marriage and want to celebrate with you!

Deep in the Forest Elopement

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