It may be awhile before we release our Fall 2020 Bridesmaids dresses, but there are so many new things happening at Jasmine Bridal that we just HAVE to show you a sneak peek. And, that way, we all can share the excitement together! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for Fall 2020 and we’re sure you’re going to love it. There’s no doubt your bridesmaids will have any hesitation going with Jasmine for your big day.

Belsoie Bridesmaids

Introducing Metallic Chiffon! Photos do not do justice of this lush, liquid-look fabric 😍. We’re almost positive your bridesmaids will look like an angel beaming in the sunlight as she stands by your side. This luxurious textile comes in 8 dreamy colors that fit the bill to any bride’s wedding palette. It’s soft to the touch, we’re convinced that it’s made out of butter because it most definitely feels like it once she puts it on. She’ll also probably won’t want to take it off.

B2 Bridesmaids

Velvet is here to slay! Now that this plush fabric is trending, we’re staying ahead of the curve with the latest styles. Our stretch velvet, yes you read that right, STRETCH velvet, is the ultimate comfort dress. Your bridesmaids will thank you for picking such a versatile investment piece. This fabric hugs the body with the right draping and smooth texture. Not to mention, the beautiful bow tie in the back with its peek-a-boo straps underneath. The triangular lines draw the body to a slimmer figure, something nobody is ever upset about!


Introducing our latest colorway, Sugar Almond 😍 We’d describe this color as Coral’s outgoing and personable, yet mysterious, sister. Its gorgeous, rich hue goes well with any skin tone without being overbearing. Sugar Almond is offered in gowns made of Charlotte Chiffon- but keep in mind, any dresses in any chiffon can be fabric-changed to Charlotte. Your maids can all rock the Sugar Almond. Although, we know this is hard, but don’t have your heart set on this hue. We have more new colorways in different fabrics this season. We can’t promise that they will make choosing your wedding color palette any easier, but you will definitely love them!

Now that you’ve got a little tidbit of what’s to come for Fall 2020, is there anything else you’d like to see moving forward? Tell us in the comments and we’ll be sure to give our designer your feedback! Also, don’t forget to tell us what you’re excited for!