We’re so close to launching our Fall 2020 collection, but not quite there yet! Our beloved Jade Couture, Jade, and Black Label Mother of the Bride dresses have turned up the glam factor. With new fabrics, silhouettes, and colorways, there’s something mom will love about each style. Jasmine designer, José’s vision for each collection characterizes a specific taste and fashion which moms can be drawn to. Keep reading to see our new Jasmine Bridal Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride dresses.

Jade Couture

This Fall 2020 season for Jade Couture, we introduce stretch velvet, printed Mikado, feathers, ruffles and more. These gorgeous fabrics and details embody sophistication and glamour- exactly what mom is looking for. She will certainly love these styles because of the fact that they go so well with different wedding themes . She can find something modern and chic like a beaded bodice with a fit-and-flare mikado skirt. Another style is a whimsical mother of the bride dress with sequin lace and feather trimmed cap sleeves. You’ll see more mermaid fit silhouettes throughout this collection as they add drama to mom’s beautiful curves. This collection’s styles, silhouettes and mothers truly make a statement.

Age is nothing but a number, according to a Jade Couture mom. She loves fashion and staying up to date with the latest trends. Making her movie-star ready is our goal and we want her to feel special and beautiful. Once you see her on your wedding day, you’ll only feel happiness and pride for have such a glowing mother! Jade Couture Fall 2020 drew inspiration from red carpet looks and mom will feel like a celebrity with hand-beaded details and luxurious fabrics.

Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride Dresses
Jade Couture Style K228057
Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride Dresses
Jade Couture Style K228059


Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride Jade dresses this season adds new fabrics like rose Jacquard, pleated chiffon, stretch velvet and so much more. When it comes to embellishments, our hand-beading has gotten more intricate and technical. Therefore, adding more beads for a touch of glam without going over the top was the perfect recipe for this label. With tonal beading to match the mother of the bride dress, mom can have some sparkle (who doesn’t love a good glow!?). Throughout the collection we have boat and V necklines for modesty and comfort, including a few off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder sleeves. While these dresses aren’t flashy, mom will still dazzle. A focus on draping was fashionably executed to hide unflattering areas- just what mom wants.

As you know now, Jade Couture mothers prefer are the glitz and glam. Meanwhile, Jade mothers love stunning gowns that don’t bring her to the center of attention. In this collection, tonal beading is affluent and embellishments are kept at a minimum. A confident, nurturing mother of the bride finds Jade styles alluring and contemporary. She won’t feel overbearing or loud with this collection’s modest necklines and relaxed form-fitting gowns.

Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride Dresses
Jade Style J225055

Black Label

Black Label Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride is your relaxed fit dress and pant suit collection. For this reason, mixing textures and fabrics to create a gorgeous style was essential. In other words, you’ll see beaded lace with a classic poly chiffon, our new stretch floral velvet with block trim, and also Mikado with metallic lace. Not only do we offer pant suits and long dresses, but this season we introduce tea length/below the knee gowns that we’re sure Grandma will love. These gowns are perfect for a church or garden ceremony on a sunny afternoon. Our billowy tops ensure coverage in the right places so mom can feel curvy without adding too much volume.

Moms in Black Label look for something comfortable and unrestricting. Because she’ll be wearing this all day, comfort and ease are important factors when looking for the right dress or pant suit. Introducing tea length gowns allow more options than your standard floor length and pant and the results are amazing! From modesty tops with neck and shoulder coverage, mom won’t hesitate to wear this ensemble to church or a shower even after the wedding.

Fall 2020 Mother of the Bride Dresses
Black Label Style M220064

Do you have a favorite collection? Tell us in the comments along with what you look forward to for Fall 2020!