Two words: rustic wedding. Rustic wedding decor isn’t just easy to find, but also used throughout any season to create a dreamy setting. Yes, this wedding theme is one of the most beautiful out there, but it’s the details that make it something special. Whether it’s summer or winter, your rustic wedding will be everything you dreamed of and more. See our favorite Jasmine weddings with the perfect cozy, magical feels to give you some planning inspiration.

By definition, the word rustic relates to the countryside. In terms of a wedding, rustic themes vibe off of the outdoors, so we’re talking lots of wood (think wood slices), lanterns, milk or chalk-painted seats, weathered gift tables, mason jars centerpieces, and so on. It is one of the most popular themes for a wedding, yes, but putting your own spin to it makes it that much more unique. Keep scrolling to get inspired!

Rustic Chic Spring Wedding

Essentially, rustic wedding decor can go so many ways. Vintage rustic, boho rustic, even rock ‘n’ rustic. But, in this Spring wedding’s case, #RealJasmineBride Emily’s *rustic chic* wedding was simply perfection. From her cake display to the venue, so much was well thought-out that you’ll regret not pinning these photos to your PInterest board. Upon entering the venue, guests were greeted with a gorgeous scenery with lots of green lush. It was gated off by a weathered white fence that guided them to the wedding. The right venue for a Spring wedding is important to give off those rustic vibes.

While Spring is related to fresh and new, the rustic wedding decor should be kept neutral and tonal. To make the greenery pop against the neutral tones, don’t go crazy bold on the decor. Adding hints of color within your bridesmaids bouquets or even your mother’s dress can make the greens stand out too. Emily chose peach as her accent color and we think it’s perfect for a slight pop of color.

DIY Rustic Summer Wedding

You may think this is boho, but this is more than boho. This rustic wedding was as free-spirited as our #RealJasmineBride Anna going barefoot at her wedding. This wedding also has DIY written all over it in all of the best ways!! From her bridesmaids making floral arrangements (which were STUNNING), to handwritten signs, everything had such a special, personal touch.

With upcycled wood signs and jewel tone flowers in mason jars, you can achieve a memorable rustic wedding. Even if that means going for wildflowers or walking down the aisle sans shoes (like our bride). Whatever rustic wedding decor you choose, make it reflect you. Like flowy fabrics and bright colored florals like dyed pampas grass as your backdrop, this sets the tone for a beautiful summer wedding. While DIY rustic wedding decor saves you money, it also allows you and your guests to focus on the importance of the day. Seeing all of the hard work and effort put into making the day special mirrors the love you have for your relationship.

Barn Rustic Fall Wedding

As one of the most popular rustic wedding decor themes, “barn rustic” and Fall wedding dates go hand-in-hand. And of course held in a vintage barn. If you’re getting married in the Fall (gorgeous photos will ensue), there are endless possibilities with your rustic wedding decor! Think mason jar favors tied with jute string and kraft paper. If you’re opting for an outdoor ceremony, keep in mind the weather. You don’t want your maids to be cold, so why not gift plain shawls to keep them warm? Bride Jessie did that for her #JasmineBridesmaids and the colors were on point with her burgundy and navy color scheme.

There are so many Fall wedding ideas floating around the internet, but this Jasmine wedding truly sets the standard. Incorporating a bold plaid with rich reds is done so flawlessly, so it’s important to keep your bridesmaids’ dress colors muted. Got chicken wire? Make table signage! And if you’re handy- or are about to marry someone handy- create an aisle entrance doorway to seclude that sacred space for your ceremony.With the changing leaves against the deep wood, everyone will forget the chilly weather and feel the warmth all around.

The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake

Rustic Glam Winter Wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding doesn’t only start the year off as a married couple, but it’s a great way to get all of your loved ones together. Glamming up without getting uncomfortably formal is what we call a rustic glam wedding. Our bride, Stephanie and her husband kept things rustic with their ceremony backdrop and floral arrangements. They numbered their tables with clocks to represent the countdown with a beautiful gold lantern, how cute is that?! A black and gold theme is a trend with NYE weddings, so this is a beautiful way to indicate a fancy wedding with the invitations. And don’t forget to throw some glitter in there too 😉

As with most NYE parties, a black tie dress code is essential. Not everyone gets to dress up very often, so this is the perfect excuse! Beautiful ceiling drapery creates that alluring atmosphere while adorning string lights warms it up. Not to mention, black linens and gold chargers, hello classy AF! We are loving this wedding because they didn’t skip a beat- celebrating the NY with hats and noisemakers, personalizing their wedding cake, and the bride changing into her *late night* Jasmine dress. Just like Cinderella, midnight changes everything.

We hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you inspiration for your very own wedding. Tell us in the comments what rustic wedding decor speaks to you!