While many brides choose to have their wedding during the warmer months, Fall and Winter are also perfect opportunities for beautiful photographs, off-peak venue pricing, and vibrant color palettes. We’ve picked our favorite Jasmine Bridal dresses that would go effortlessly together with the time of the year your wedding is held.


Once all the trees and landscape have turned green, this is a beautiful time to get married. Spring (Late March-early May) is the sign of renewal and rebirth. This makes sense as the cold winter caused all the flowers to wilt and die, but the shining sun and promise of warm weather have rejuvenated the greenery. The Spring season brings love and joy after the desolation and quietness the Winter months brought us. If you and your spouse are leaning towards a Spring wedding, you probably will also be leaning towards a pastel color palette or light hues to bring out the vibrancy of the green landscapes and all of the florals blossoming. The weather may be a little bit colder, so really any type of sleeve can definitely work. Jasmine Bridal can also customize any strapless/spaghetti strap gown and add sleeves to them as well. Our lace motifs come in a wide range, large and small motifs, but can work so well in a garden wedding as well as at a hotel banquet hall.


This is obviously the most popular season to get married- we call these months (late May-early September) peak wedding season. Because the weather is guaranteed to be warm and sunny, many of your guests will be booking up their schedules- family vacations, solo trips, etc.- so making sure to stay ahead of the game is important. The Summer season is the time of romance and joy. Anything exudes adventure and fun with the sun creating warmth and energy all around. Of course any outdoor setting would be the most ideal for this season- think mountains, vineyards, gardens. With the shining sun, your color palette can work in any way. Whether your attracted to neutral tones or bright colors, anything goes! Though blush pinks, greys, and nudes are quite popular more recently. Strapless wedding gowns along with gowns with straps are the perfect choice to keep you from sweating, obviously! You probably would want a skirt that isn’t too heavy and is breathable so you won’t be dying by the time the ceremony is over. Summer marks a lively moment in time and your wedding will be the epitome of it!


Fall, or Autumn (late September-early December), has becoming a rising time for weddings as it’s not as hot, the leaves start to turn colors (makes for beautiful photos), and everyone loves cozying up in layers of warmth- shawls, boleros, etc. This season holds mystery, falling of the leaves, and gloom making it a dark beauty. It means of balancing dark with light. This is learning to accept the dark times in order to appreciate the brighter days. Weddings are so beautiful because as the leaves fall, this is can symbolize letting go of the past, no longer allowing it be a burden, and to start a new beginning, a new life, together. Having a wedding outdoors during the Fall makes gorgeous photos with the colorful trees and you can get creative with accessories for both you and your bridal party. Your florals can either be a neutral palette to bring out the natural landscape or bright and bold against the gloom. A jewel tone color palette, especially burgundy/ox blood tones, for your bridal party would be perfect- these hues stand out against darker, colder tones. But light greys and neutrals can most definitely work as well acting like an achromatic background for your bouquets and landscapes.


Though Winter (late December-early March) is the least popular of the seasons to get married, it is one of the most calming ambiences and at the same time flawless photos are the result. Because it’s cold outside, people are prone to stay indoors, which feels a bit constricting. Winter is the time to reflect on the past year on what you have achieved, and to plan for the upcoming year. The snow also gives meaning to purity and a transitional entity- snow to water- just like your life. Getting married is symbolic for transitioning from two to one, sharing your life together and this brings clarity to your life. Violets, reds, and royal blues are perfect hues for your color palettes along with lots of greenery in your floral arrangements. Your wedding will be indoors of course, unless you plan on having destination beach wedding to escape the cold, but when you have that moment with your partner taking photographs and spending time outside, it will be so peaceful and so memorable.

There are so many Jasmine styles to choose from, it was hard to just pick out a few. Tell us in the comments what season you want to get married in! Or if you’re already married, tell us why you got married when you did!