Every bride is unique, different and special. However, we can see that a lot of brides are choosing to go simple when saying yes to their wedding dress. Why? When simple wedding dresses are made with good construction, luxurious fabrics and designer details they really let the bride shine on her wedding day. A simple dress does not distract from any wedding day details or wedding day experiences. It simply adds to the beautiful day letting the bride and groom and their love be the center of attention.

Let us define a simple wedding dress as there are many different interpretations of the word simple. Simple typically means that the dress is not overloaded with details, although it still may have a gorgeous beaded back, sexy plunging neckline or whimsical ruffles in the skirt. The dress will have clean modern lines and shapes, without any over the top beading, lace or extravagant details. When you find your simple wedding dress with Jasmine Bridal you will notice that the dress may be lacking in details but will never lack in design or style. A simple dress really shows off the beautiful and luxurious fabrics like Italian Satins, European stretch crepes, and dreamy chiffon fabrics are some of our favorite fabrics to use when designing the most perfect simple wedding dresses.

Whether you are searching for a simple ball gown for an elegant wedding in a mansion or estate, simple wedding dress that is lightweight, and airy fabrics for the beach you will find a beautifully crafted simple wedding dress at an authorized jasmine retailer near you.