Your duty as a bridesmaid is very important for your bestie during this stressful, yet exciting time for her. Though your dress shopping isn’t as time consuming, there is quite a bit you have to do so you can look your best at the wedding. We’ve gathered the important dates and factors for bridesmaid dress shopping that will help you fulfill your part of the bride tribe!

9-12 Months

By this time, your friend/family member has already asked you to stand by her side at her wedding. Now this entails time and money, but you’d do anything for her! So when she asks you to go wedding dress shopping with her, you cannot say no. She asks you to go because she wants your honest, not overbearing, opinion about the dress she will wear. You can’t help but shed some tears when she finally finds the one. Aren’t you glad you went with? Also, this is the time when, if you are going to, you start a health regimen. Crash diets don’t work, so begin a better, more health-conscious lifestyle now so that you can reap the benefits when you’re on the search for a groomsman to pick up.

6-8 Months

The bride finally chooses the color palette for her bridal party, awesome! You can get your measurements done at the salon she chooses. And while you are at it, join in on the dress shopping! She wants everyone to look their best, so you can make sure she doesn’t pick something bright orange and full of ruffles. When her bridal party tries on their bridesmaid dress, now is also a great time to figure out the accessories, hair, make up, and shoes. With everyone, or hopefully majority of the party, in their bridesmaid dress, this makes it easier to visualize the overall look for the day of the wedding. Start browsing the web- see our bridesmaid dresses here. It also doesn’t hurt to find yourself a date, unless you’ve got your eye on a groomsman.

4-6 Months

We know that the bachelorette party is *one* of the highlights of being a bridesmaid. But, don’t forget about the bridal shower! Start planning this with the maid of honor (if you aren’t her). Figure out the location, guest list, games, and theme! During this time, you want to make a payment on your bridesmaids dress. That way, you can reserve the bridesmaid dress and not be the odd one out when your dress doesn’t arrive in time. If this is a destination wedding, check passport validity and visa requirements.

2-4 Months

Once you make your full payment on your bridesmaid dress, attend a dress fitting. This is crucial as you want your dress to fit perfectly without you tripping when it’s your time to shine. Bridesmaid dresses usually are made a little bit longer as to accommodate all heights of bridesmaids, but with Jasmine, we can tailor your bridesmaid dress to fit you with minimal alterations. Our latest Jasmine Spring 2020 Belsoie collection is made from new fabrics that do not require any alterations- you can simply cut the fabric to your length without it unraveling. Read more about our bridesmaid dresses here. And now that you have your bridesmaid dress, you can purchase your undergarments at this time too. Discuss with the bride and the other bridesmaids where and when you will do your hair and make-up. If you are all getting it done together, make your appointments at this time too. And please return your response card!!

1-4 Weeks

Pick up your dress from the salon. If you are getting your haircut or coloring it, now is the time. This will give you time to adjust to your new look. And while you are at it, confirm your beauty appointments for the day of or day before. You can also wear your shoes with your dress and break them it. It will give you an opportunity to get comfortable in your heels while walking as well. Look through your closet or go shopping for a new outfit for the dress rehearsal too, so you aren’t scrambling around to find something last minute.

Day Before

Take your bridesmaid dress out of the garment bag and hang it. Make sure to press out any wrinkles or creases that were made during transportation. Be careful while doing this so you don’t accidentally burn the garment! Keep the dress hanging in a safe place. Attend that dress rehearsal! You’ll want to know what you have to do and where to walk the day of the wedding. Get a good night’s rest and drink plenty of water the night before.

Day of the Wedding!

Wake up early so you can get your hair and make-up done. Be sure to pack any essentials that you might need or the bride might need. YOu can pack bobby pins, kleenex (a must!), oil blotting sheets, mints or gum, and your lipstick. Your duty as a bridesmaid isn’t over until the day is! Take lots of pictures, dance the night away, and make sure to eat too!