We gave you the top five 2020 bridal trends last week. Today, we’re going beyond the dress- it takes more than just a pretty dress to make a wedding! While we love to talk about wedding dresses and can all day, we’ll let you in on the other 2020 wedding detail trends we predict. Keep scrolling to get some inspiration for your upcoming nuptials in the new year.

2020 Wedding Details: Decor


Balloons are making a comeback! A far cry from florals, but they sure make a great prop for photo ops. There are so many ways to set up and adorn with this fun 2020 wedding detail trend. Balloon arches are a foolproof way to make a wedding backdrop *pop* with their array of colors and sizes. Not only that, they can add a touch of whimsy to any sweet and sweetheart table. Enhance it with a bit of greenery and florals, these balloons really make the scene come together. Our bride, Rosie, along with her husband, opted for a cute photoshoot with their Mr. and Mrs. balloons. Not only is this cute and fun, but it’s also an inexpensive way to decorate.

Acrylic Signage

Rather than buying something made at the store, many brides are choosing to shop on Etsy or a marketplace that sells crafts made by artisans. Handwritten signage, especially on acrylic plexiglass, really steps up the look and aesthetic of your wedding. From your table numbers to a specialty signature cocktail, acrylic signs bring some fanciful touches. And it goes as far as the style of calligraphy that definitely changes up the vibe too. #RealJasmineBride Tiffany wanted a ceremony without everyone taking photos on their phones. This gorgeous sign was a subtle way to remind them to keep their phones in their pockets and purses. Adding a personal touch with signature cocktails on an acrylic sign can also be a keepsake for the bar in your new home.

Wedding Flower Preservation

Sustainability is on the rise and therefore, throwing away your bouquet after the wedding would just be silly. In other words, you’ll be spending so much money on your floral arrangements, why not keep them? We found the cutest ways to preserve your flowers and we suspect this will be on the our 2020 wedding detail trends list. While your bouquet gets preserved, you can also give your bridesmaids a thank you gift of preserving either bits or their whole bouquet too! Flowers create a certain type of feel when you adorn your wedding in them. So by all means, do whatever you can to preserve and save them!

2020 Wedding Details: Non-Traditional

Move over mix and match maids, jumpsuits and separates are in. Your bet gal pals have been there for you through it all, so why not let them feel most comfortable in what they wear? These brides knew what was up. They gave their girls pants instead of dresses AND they have pockets. But better yet, how chic do they look?! Additionally, jumpsuits make a killer bridal party, but they can most definitely be worn after the wedding too. Throw on a belt or a cute jean jacket and some sandals and voilà. If you are keen on mixing and matching, our Spring 2020 style is just for you. This halter neck and pant combo are separates! Mix up their tops with different colors or styles and they are set. Again, these can be worn after the wedding too. Nice.

Eloping/Small Weddings

With everything getting more expensive, many brides are opting to elope or have a small wedding with just their close family and friends. IMO, this is a more personal way to exchange vows. Not to mention, it is way less stressful, which is how a wedding should be! Take it from our Jasmine brides, just look at their photos and how magical and happy they all look. Now, we’re not bashing on big weddings, but we definitely foresee this becoming a major 2020 wedding detail trend. Whether you and your spouse have a love for the beach or the mountains, or heck, even traveling. We are sure wherever it is, as long as you get married, you’ll both be happy campers.

Which 2020 wedding detail has you hooked? Tell us in the comments what your favorite one is! or if you see one that isn’t in the list, let us know!