As we get ready to unveil our latest and most exclusive line, Privé by Jasmine, lead designer, Jose, helps us visualize the concept of his creation with some behind the scenes photos. This one-of-a-kind bridal line is beyond compare and its backstory will make anyone see why it’s so extraordinary.

During a trip to the design facility in Taipei, Jose discovered that Jasmine Bridal began as the premier manufacturer of silk dresses. This revelation stuck and he ran with it. By preserving Jasmine’s authenticity while bridging the gap between silk fabrics and stiff price tags, Privé by Jasmine was born. Without compensating the expense, brides can still have exceptional designs made from premium fabrics. Jasmine Bridal is exclusive for offering gown customization services, so Jose took this specialty to the next level. He wanted to design gowns that either mimicked styles on the red carpet or praised the glory days of historic fashion. While sketching, he realized that he was pairing natural waists to many of the gowns because of the fuller skirts. Then it dawned on him- why not a mix & match style program that gives brides the power to design their own gown?

Every season Privé by Jasmine will design new bodices and skirts that allow brides to choose her favorite top and bottom piece, which will then be sewn together at the natural waistline to create a dress that is the only one of its kind. New designs can also be paired with previous ones, so for retailers, this means that investments on just five bodices and skirts each will generate sales on multiple designs. But not only that, the possibilities are endless for both the retailer and bride. What makes this collection so exclusive and special is that every gown is truly custom made; each individual order is personally hand-cut one at a time. To safeguard the silk fabrics during this process, sheets of paper are placed over each layer and inspections are done for quality control of each panel. Our dress makers devote so much time to each gown, giving this line its namesake, Privé, which translates to French for private or single. Individual.

The beauty of silk comes from its luxurious look and feel, so to bring out the best of our brides while wearing the gowns, it needs to fit well. Our bodices are sewn with 12 pieces of boning to ensure the best fit with proper structure for all-day wear. They are also lined with silk so the bride can feel the same silky richness against her skin as on the outside of the dress. Back elastic extensions are sewn to close the zipper, and more importantly, cinch the waist. Bra cups and petticoats are built into the dress as well. And to give that extra bounce of volume, all hems are beautifully finished with wide horse hairs. We always make sure every dress is ordered and made to the correct measurement of the bride as part of our quality control best practice. To guarantee accuracy in measurements, Jasmine Bridal only offers bodice and skirts in the same size and can provide extra fabric and buttons at a cost. As our valued retailers know, we can do customizations such as attaching sleeves and adding length to extend trains in increments of 12 inches. Guidelines on these Privé customizations and more will be provided at the Chicago Market. Once the gown is complete, it will be individually packed with tissue paper for protection with care instructions included as well as a complimentary Privé garment bag for the bride to keep.

What to Expect at Chicago Market: August 25th-27th

Jose visualizes Privé silk gowns as the canvas to every brides’ dream. To accessorize these gowns, he took inspiration from the CAMP: Notes on Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, more specifically, the YSL gown with an exaggerated pink bow featured at the exhibit. Camp, simply put, is exaggerated exaggeration. Molding both CAMP and hues of pink into one, he created “Think Pink” as the foundation for Privé’s accessories, though brides can also keep it classic with silk white accessories offered. At the fashion show, our audience will see fun pink accessories, jackets, headpieces, belts, and veils paired with this new collection. To get a visual, check out our previous post of Jose’s sketches altogether with color.

We’re sure bridal consultants can agree with us that there have been countless times she/he has heard a bride at a trunk show or bridal market “wish that dress had that dress’s skirt”. Well brides, your wish has been granted.