Your wedding day should be special, personal and so full of love. It’s easy to lose sight of the little details because you’re busy planning a big party for over 100 people. We’ll spare you the extensive research and share the best ways to personalize your wedding to make it your day!

Signature Cocktail- Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Signature Drinks

As an ode to your first date, perhaps your signature cocktail can be the drinks you both ordered the night you met. Our bride, Alexandra, and her husband offered their signature drink of choice on the menu during their cocktail hour. It went so perfectly with their Naples, FL beach wedding with its citrus flavor. To personalize it more, changing the name of the drink to the place where he/she proposed or maybe your pet’s name can be cute too!

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Old Photos

Another sweet way to commemorate your loved ones at weddings are with photos, of course. Our bride, Jessica, carried a framed photo of her late father who passed away. She had his photo with her while she got ready so he could see how beautiful she looked. Also, gifting a piece of clothing to wear on the wedding day, especially with a sweet hidden embellishment adds a special touch. If there is a space for a memorial table, your pet’s photo or late family members who you wish could be there, it will make the day so much more memorable.

Personal Embroidery

Sweet messages sewn into your dress to keep close to you on your wedding day can put your mind and heart at ease. When you get dressed, seeing those words can remind you of all the reasons why you are marrying your partner and give you all the feels all over again! It can be your favorite love/marriage quote from a movie or even your spouse’s handwriting embroidered into your dress. Once your wedding is over, you can add your favorite part of their vows into your dress to cherish your favorite day.


There are so many ways to personalize your wedding, but pets definitely take the cake on this one. If you have a fur baby together, why leave them at home? If it is possible and your venue allows it, give them a special duty in the ceremony. That is, of course, if they are well-behaved! Your pet is basically your first baby together, so it only makes sense to include them in your wedding. If your venue doesn’t allow it, refer back to the first two suggestions above so they can still be a part of it, *in spirit*.

Sweet Table- Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Sweet Treats

Love is sweet. Make your wedding day even sweeter with dessert! Our brides made great use of their sweet tables as a way to personalize their weddings. Jasmine bride, Allie, and her husband built their donut wall together from scratch and was such a hit at their wedding. You don’t always have to go traditional with a multi-tier cake. If you both have a favorite dessert, like ice cream, having a late night sundae bar sure will fulfill those cravings. Guests always remember the food at your wedding, so share your favorites!

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There are so many other ways to personalize your wedding and make it the most special day ever! Whatever you do, it will be great because it will be 100% for you and your partner. We can’t wait to see your cute personal touches added to your wedding day- be sure to send us your photos so we can share them on our social media!