Your typical wedding guestbook consists of a book with lines for your guests to fill out their names and addresses. Sounds boring, right? Well! Jasmine Bridal’s blog is full of fun ideas and inspiration to make your wedding planning and day the most memorable. This blog will, not only give you ideas to make use of your wedding guestbook, but also a cute and useful activity for your guests to leave their mark on your wedding!

For the Classic Couple

Include photographs from your engagement session or throughout your relationship and put them into your guestbook. It’s a more personal way to include your guests, the people who you want to share this special day with, to learn more about your love. Photograph guestbooks could illustrate how you fell in love, your playfulness, and even passion for one another. It’s a great coffee table book to read to get back on that wedding day high. The little notes and well wishes from your loved ones can be cherished for years to come. Our couple’s, Emily and Matthew, wedding was absolutely breathtaking, down to every last detail. Their engagement photos were the perfect subject to their guestbook, giving their guests a glimpse of their unconditional love for one another.

For Adventure Seekers

Are you an adventurous couple? Have your guests help you cross off activities off your list with activities to do! Jasmine couple Sarah and Matt had the cutest set-up with their guest adventure book near their gifts. A bucket list wedding guestbook idea is the perfect way to keep your guests as a part of your journey of marriage. Crossing off the adventures your guests give you is a special way to commemorate each of them throughout your life. Including beautiful vintage stamps on their wedding invitations was just another little nod to their love of traveling and seeing the world.

For New Homeowners

If you are going the “traditional” route- having a wedding then buying a house- some wall ornaments commemorating your big day will make you feel right at home. At Candice and CJ’s classic garden wedding, they asked their guests to sign on their handmade wooden decor with their last name and year. This special wedding guestbook idea was an opportunity for their guests to leave a piece of their love to keep the newlyweds’ new abode warm and cozy! A beautiful reminder of the fun, love, and happiness they felt on their wedding day sitting right there in their new home.

For the Romantics

Signing a heart and dropping it into a frame to put on display is a literal showcase of love! Could that be any cuter? Seeing the hearts fill up to the brim of the frame full of your loved ones is basically a symbol of what your heart feels- especially on your wedding day. To keep the spark going, our bride, Casey, and her husband Andrew, made a date jar that guests could write date night suggestions for date nights. Such lovely wedding guestbook ideas to utilize your guestbook for something other than writing your thank you cards!

For the Gardeners

Take your plant obsession to the next level with a signed planter from all of your wedding guests! This simple, but cute wedding guestbook idea is perfect for the green thumb couple. Perhaps instead of a unity candle, you planted a tree? Your guestbook planter could be its new home and you can watch it grow. You know what they say, “Let love grow,” but give it a solid foundation and structure with the signatures of your loved ones.

For Music Lovers

Not only was this one of our favorite weddings to date, but everything about it was so unique and fun! If you and your spouse love music, take notes from #RealJasmineBride Audrey and her husband Ryan for some wedding guestbook ideas. Guests signed records that the couple kept in an album book titles, Life is Beautiful, so sweet! But not only that, loved ones left a joke and kind words on a cassette tape complete with a pencil to help the couple “unwind”. Get it?! Audrey’s rocker style went flawlessly with her alternative wedding. Wearing a detachable skirt, she went from ceremony to party without skipping a beat.

Like anything you saw? What are some of your favorite ideas that weren’t on the list? Tell us in the comments below!