Your wedding photos are one of your most important attributes of your wedding. We’ve gathered a wedding photo checklist so you can capture the best moments of the big day. Check out our favorite photo ops that savor your favorite day- from epic to sentimental- you won’t want to skip these!

Newlywed Photo Checklist

Tangled in the Veil

When in doubt, wear the veil. These things make such beautiful props for your wedding photos. While they blow in the wind, it creates a striking effect like this one here. Even though it’s just a piece of fabric, it conveys such an emotion. Especially when you and your spouse are entangled in it having a romantic moment together as newlyweds.

Being Silly Together

Your spouse is your favorite person in the entire world, no? You have fun and laugh together, so why not show that in your photos? They don’t always have to be serious or romantic, it’s your day! Crack jokes, be silly, be yourself. In our opinion, this is one of the most important on your wedding photo checklist. Don’t let all your photos be mushy and romantic. The best photos are the happiest ones- the ones where you’re smiling, completely and totally yourselves.

The Epic Shot

If your venue has a spot for an epic shot, you obviously have to. This is the one on your wedding photo checklist that there will be no words to explain how beautiful and out-of-this-world breathtaking that one photo will be. Like this gorgeous setting our #RealJasmineBride took at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Architecture or Landscape Backgrounds

Similar to the previous wedding photo checklist point, having a stunning background calls for a photo op. Whether it be some eye-appealing architecture or mountains/trees behind you, take the photo! There’s something emotional and even artistic about these backdrops that you can’t help but get these printed and hung in your house. Wall art with you as the subject, nothing better.

Catching the Sunset

Everyone loves a good sunset, so it would be nice to have a moment alone as newlyweds and catch the sun setting. The warm tones will seriously make your dress pop! Not only that, the lens glare gives you those cozy vintage feels.

Dress Twirl

You paid good money for one dress, make it worthwhile! You can most definitely show off your beautiful Jasmine dress with a twirl and we also encourage it. Especially if you have a big ball gown or flowy skirt, your photos will turn out so pretty. Our bride is wearing a mermaid fit-and-flare, but the tulle skirt is everything. Plus, if you have a gorgeous backdrop to take these shots in front of, twirl away girl!

Solo Bride Time

If time allows, you’ll want photographs by yourself. Even if time doesn’t allow, make time! Having your picture taken in the wedding dress of your dreams is a must. This is the one day that you will, without a doubt, look and feel and BE a princess, don’t let that moment slip. This is a wedding checklist must- have.

Bridal Party/Guest Photo Checklist

Getting Ready

Having those sweet opportunities to take photos while you get ready is essential. If your mom is helping you into your dress, this can be quite a emotional moment for her. You may have been dreaming about this dress your entire life and your mom probably has been dreaming about this occasion as well. Seeing you become a grown woman about to get married is a big deal and you’ll both want to relish it.

Just the Girls

Get creative and cute with your bride tribe. Use your bouquets as a fun prop for your photos! Show off the back of your dresses by turning around and holding the bouquets against your back. Or play peekaboo with your florals and hide behind them. This is such a cute way to take advantage of your beautiful arrangements. Want more props? Pop a bottle of champagne! You can’t help but smile seeing everyone’s facial expressions with the POP of the cork and the bubbly fountain pouring out.

Just the Guys

Your groom and groomsmen HAVE to show off their sock game if it’s worth it. Were they gifted socks to wear on the wedding day? Ok, then it’s only necessary. Bonus points if they’re crazy/funny socks! This wedding photo checklist point is the equivalent to the bride squad showing off her shoes, so you kind of have to. But also, your groomsmen are most likely your hubby’s best mates, closest pals, his bros. They are there to lift him up, so let’s make it literal. Tell your photographer to tell them to pick him up and make him feel on top of the world for getting to marry the most amazing woman ever!

Ring Switcharoo

This wedding photo checklist point is guaranteed to be Instagram viral worthy. It’s silly, unexpected, and will make you smile. Whether you switch with your groom and make it a maids and groom photo or the groom and his crew, it still makes a great photo op.

Start a Tradition

How sweet is this?! Both the bride and groom’s parents had a tender moment with one another and the newlyweds. It’s a wonderful photo opportunity to keep as a tradition to relive with your children and grandchildren. Not only will this continue to be a family ritual, but you can use this photo as a reminder that love lasts. Your parents are great reminders and living examples of how to make a marriage last. Take their advice on how to keep the spark and love for one another.

Legendary Group Hug

Last, but certainly not least, your bridal party has been there since day one. Through it all. Having that legendary group hug makes you and your partner feel so so loved. And that’s what your bridal should do! They are there to ease any discomfort or stress on your wedding day and your photos should show it. While this photo isn’t necessarily a hug, rather a lift, either group shot has to make the list. Then all of your bridal party can have the best wedding party photo to keep!

Which of these is on your wedding photo checklist? We hope all of them! Tell us in the comments which is on yours and if there’s something else you don’t want to miss for your wedding day photos!