It’s officially Spring 2020 season at Jasmine Bridal and we wanted to take you on a journey through time. Looking back over the last 100 years of fashion, the inspiration for this line is drawn from all of the major fashion moments. We are talking everything from elaborate beadwork inspired by fun flapper dresses, simple but elegant satin ball gowns brought to you by historic pop culture beauties, and more. Lead designer, Jose Dias, takes us way back to show the evolution of his artistic vision for each piece.

Let’s start with the 20’s and its flawlessly constructed line patterns that catch your eye coming from the era of refined Art Deco. Sequin lace, tulle, and Malay satin accentuate the silhouettes that fit nicely against the body. We also emulated architectural laces in all of the right places, bringing you back to NYC’s classic skyscraper- the epitome of the 1930’s. You’ll see clean lines with complementing intricate fabrics and construction. We were also inspired by the style of Katharine Hepburn, a classic 40’s icon who set the tone for fashion. You know what the most daring thing about her was? Her trousers. With this vital piece of fashion history, we designed a crepe back satin tuxedo jumpsuit that we are sure she would’ve worn on the red carpet.

We can’t have a trend history pep talk without mentioning Dior. Its major footprint on the fashion world started with their breakthrough back in the 1950’s. This fashion house is so iconic, how could we not pay tribute? We are picturing Mikado and satin ball gowns, classic pieces tastefully adorned with opulent beading-just enough to add that perfect hint of a contemporary feel. Next, the 60’s are met with retro glam ball gowns scattered throughout all three bridal collections. The large lace motifs and structured pleats in luxurious fabrics will make any bride feel like a modern-day Grace Kelly.

Brides in the 70’s were the OG boho bride and the effortless and carefree vibe of these girls are captured in our stretch lace and chiffon cape designs. I think we all can agree that wedding dresses are about the details, so here we have tiny lace trims, whimsical tulle, and Chantilly lace embellished gowns to cultivate the best feel. Just like our hippie brides, we’re pushing the standards of fashion norms even more. The 80’s are back, baby! And we brought all the bows, poufy sleeves, and ruffled peplums with us! Contrasting these details with sharp lines and muted construction, it is the perfect recipe for bold and beautiful. we take on stretch crepe, Mikado, and satin to keep it effortlessly clean and strong. Simple, but far from plain.

Our 2000’s brides are all about traditional gowns with contemporary notions of beadwork and just the right touch of lace. No fuss, just glam. Swiping, sharing, tweeting, and posting into the more recent years, we have our brides who like it bold and shimmering. The ones who crave all of the likes on her Instagram post #instabride. We developed beautiful beaded nettings and airy laces that are far from plain. Everything about these dresses seem to float so wonderfully on the fabric, Jasmine brides will be walking on air.

Take a peek at some of our favorite gowns, straight from the sample room and get ready to fall in love.

100 Years of Wedding Dresses