Your engagement ring says a lot about you and your partner. Getting engaged in one of the most pivotal moments in your relationship, so it’s only fair that your partner knows exactly what kind of engagement ring style you want, right? He or she should know you and your taste well enough to shop for a ring without ruining the surprise before they even pop the question! Here’s a guide you can *accidentally* leave open on your browser, so your reaction will go viral when they pop the question.

Traditional Engagement Ring Styles


You appreciate tradition and elegance with this type of engagement ring style. Your wedding dress silhouette will definitely be a classic A-line or subtle fit and flare gown paired with a simplistic, yet beautiful veil draped over your shoulders. You’ll be sure to include details that you hold close to your heart, like your late grandmother’s earrings or a beloved family recipe on the dinner/dessert menu. Round cut engagement ring styles are also for the women who want something super sparkly as this cut is multi-faceted and it shines bright.

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You have a bubbly personality and are lovely to be around. Your wedding will just simply be breathtaking- very detail has to be just right. As like this engagement ring style, you also want to look and feel like a princess on your wedding day. Naturally, you’re drawn to big ball gowns, but you could also opt for a mermaid fit that makes you feel stunning. Princess cut style rings are clean and classic, but still a showstopper.

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This type of cut attracts many women who want something timeless and classic, yet contemporary. With this engagement ring style, you want to keep many traditional aspects of your wedding, but want to be the epitome of #weddinggoals. You want to be an iconic bride in a traditional gown, but with a modern twist. This could be statement lace trim or even a fun textured skirt to keep things up to date. The immortal beauty of oval cut rings are here to stay.

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Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Styles


You crave adventure! You go against the grain and like the beat of your own drum. Your wedding style is unique, probably somewhere in the mountains or forest because you love a beautiful scenery. Although, you also could be perfectly content with an intimate elopement, just you and your partner. This is the least favorable of the rings, yet it is still so elegant. When wearing this engagement ring style of cut, the point should always face your heart. The different ends of the diamond are a combination of traditional and unpredictable, just like you.

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Glamour is what your guests would describe your wedding. You have a love for flair and flashy things, but of course in a very tasteful way. This ring screams risk-taker and sophistication, so you’d look best in an off-the-shoulder or long sleeve dress adorned in lace and possibly some beautiful beadwork. Either ball gowns with ruffles or a fit and flare dress will be your style of choice on your wedding day. This cut of diamond is best with a high quality clarity because of its long facets. It’s also a great choice for a vintage style wedding theme.

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You are a very outgoing bride to be with this engagement ring style. Fun fact: this cut got its namesake after Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of Frances Louis X. Because of its history, it isn’t as popular, but more recently it’s been trendy for its uncommon shape. You are also a bit dramatic, so you want everything over the top, but in your way. So your style of wedding dress will definitely have some pizzazz to it, whether it be beautiful unique lace patterns or elaborate beading. You will also have a hint of sexy- but your idea of sexy. Marquise style cut engagement rings are also good for brides with small hands/nail-biters or dainty hands as it elongates the finger.

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