The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses – According to Your Personality Traits

For most brides finding the perfect bridesmaid gowns is not their first priority and sometimes, not even the second priority when planning a wedding. However, once the bride finds her wedding venue, she will then usually shop for her dream wedding dress- and once the bride says yes to her perfect wedding dress, she will then move on to shopping for her bridal party.

There a few different types of brides and these two brides will shop in different ways. The first bride is very meticulous and may or may not lose sleep over every single detail in her upcoming wedding day. This bride will definitely have a strong opinion on what her bridesmaids will be wearing to her wedding. This is not necessarily a bad character trait at all! This is a bride who knows exactly what she wants and will not risk losing control of her wedding day visions and dreams. The second type of bride is less precise on what she is looking for in her bridal party. She will typically have a less structured wedding day and looser regulations on what her bridal party, and guests will wear to her wedding. For this type of bride, this may or may not mean that her wedding is less formal than a meticulous wedding planner at all.

Read more to see how each will shop for their bridesmaid wears and continue reading until the end to find out what type of bridal party look will be perfect for your affair according to your wedding day personality traits.

1. The Meticulous Bride

Although, controlling may seem like a negative adjective, it is not. Some brides simply know what they want and they want to see and approve everything in their wedding. There is no reason a bride should not have final say over everything – it’s her big day! So, for this type of bride who is shopping for bridesmaid gowns, it is best to schedule a day for the bride and all the bridesmaids to go shopping together. Once, everyone is together, this bride will give the final okays on every style whether the styles are the same for each bridesmaid or different. Mix and match bridesmaid parties are following the very popular bridesmaid wear trend in which each girl in the bridal party may be wearing dresses that are not exactly the same.

Side Note: This type of mix and match bridesmaid styling may vary depending on the bride’s personality. Some of these mix and match bridal parties may simple have varying necklines on their bridesmaid wears. For example, to completely diverse dresses in a variety of fabrics and colors. Another major note you need to know is that just because you want to choose each and every bridesmaid gown style in your wedding does not mean you are a controlling person when it comes to everything else in your life. This simply means you have an exact vision that you want to have carried out on your wedding day. Whether your look is boho chic bridesmaid wears that slightly match but are all different and unique styles flowing away from your bridesmaids’ bodies, or if you are having an upscale black tie affair. You may want to choose one bridesmaid wear for all your attendants or you may want to be person in charge of choosing a unique and beautiful bridesmaid gown for each person in your bridal party.

2. Free Spirit Bride

A “carefree” or free spirited bride can be a blessing for those bridesmaids who really want to wear a dress they love and picked out themselves because an easy-going bride will generally give very little restrictions to her bridesmaids shopping for their bridal party dresses. A few examples of a bride who will go this route will ask her bridal party to pick bridesmaid wears in pink or champagne and give no other restraint. Some wedding attendants may really love this way of shopping for their bridesmaid gowns and some may not like it at all. Also, just because you are carefree when it comes to your bridesmaids’ dress shopping does not mean that you are carefree when it comes to any other details of your wedding day. Another idea for a bride who wants little fuss over her bridesmaid gowns is to pick a bridesmaid wear designer that she likes and ask her bridesmaids to all pick a dress from that designer in a particular fabric and color. The results of this type of bridesmaid wear shopping is very attractive. This way, the easy-going bride will not end up with a wedding party that totally clashes and will end up with good fitting dresses that makes each gal pal feel good in a color and fabric that she really likes. Jasmine Bridal is a great bridesmaid gown designer that makes it super easy to mix and match their dresses. Jasmine Bridal offers so many dresses in so many different fabrics and color options that will give your wedding party a wonderful shopping and selection experience.

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Gown Shopping Versus Traditional Bridal Party

Before you call up your best girlfriends and invite them out for a weekend of endless dress shopping you may want to consider the overall wedding party look that you want to achieve. Do you want to a very relaxed rustic inspired wedding that caters to a bridal party who like cocktail length bridesmaid gowns in a neutral color? Are you more of an elegant and glamourous bride looking for a tailored bridal party look in a fabric that maintains structure? Or are you a fun-loving bride that wants your best girlfriends dripping in sequin bridesmaid gowns? You decide! It is your big wedding day. Some other questions you may want to answer before stepping into the bridal shops are, what style dresses will compliment your venue and your wedding dress? What color bridal party will best showcase your event? These are questions you must ask yourself before the bridesmaid wear shopping begins.

Mix and Match bridesmaid gowns have become so popular and a trend that was started many years ago. This trend has become the new normal in the wedding industry and we have started to see this trend continue to grow and change. Many brides play it safe with this trend or they can go completely wild!

A Traditional Bride and her bridal party will typically wear the exact same bridesmaid gowns. This has been the standard in the bridal industry for many years and we do not see this trend ever going away. It is the easiest, and most simple way to obtain the wedding day look the bride has in mind. The bride simply chooses one bridesmaid wear and has her bridesmaid go into the bridal salon to be measured and fit and place an order for their bridesmaid wear. This type of traditional way of shopping has its pros and cons. A pro is that the bride can simply choose her favorite style and the most perfect shade to match her wedding day vision. The con is that this dress may not fit and flatter all of her bridesmaids. However, when shopping with Jasmine Bridal, this option is very easy because Jasmine Bridal offers three bridesmaids lines with three different price ranges and styles giving the brides many options in styles in the largest size range from size 0 to size 34. When selecting a gown from Belsoie, B2 or Jasmine Bridesmaids- the customer can also select a “custom measurement” option ensuring the dress fits their bodies. Another reason that Jasmine Bridal is great for a bride who wants everyone in the same dress is that they offer maternity bridesmaid gowns and junior bridesmaid wear in the most variety of sizes, colors and fabrics in the industry.

Before planning a bridesmaid gown shopping spree, the bride must decide the overall bridesmaid party look she wants to achieve. Once, the bride has made a decision, let the shopping commence!

Here are a few color and style combinations to consider for a beautiful bridal party. Keep reading to be inspired for your complete bridal party look.

Pink Bridesmaid Gowns

If you are a bride that wants a pretty in pink bridesmaid party, you are not alone. Shades of pink have been gracing wedding aisles for decades. Brides have easily fallen in love with pink bridesmaid wear because it is a popular color of wedding flowers and a well-known color of romance.

Jasmine Bridal offers so many options for pink bridesmaid gowns especially in their chiffon bridesmaid wears. Here are just a few of their beautiful shades of pink; Rose, Misty Pink, Primrose, Gardenia, Sunset Floral Print in Pink, Dreamsicle which has a peachy-pink tone, New Shell Pink, and Rose Petal can be found within Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid line’s color pallets. There is no chance that you will not be able to find the perfect shade of pink to match your personal wedding day style and preference.

Jasmine Bridal has so many pink bridesmaid options from traditional to trendy styles, you can choose one color for all your bridesmaids to wear or choose several for a beautiful ombré bridesmaid party look.

If you want to have all your bridesmaids in the same dress, it is easy to do with Jasmine Bridal’s Bridesmaid lines Belsoie, B2 and Jasmine Bridesmaids. Simply choose the bridesmaid gown and the color you want and have your girls place their orders at the same bridal salon.

Navy Bridesmaid Gowns

Navy bridesmaid gowns has been a huge trend in the bridal world for quite some time. The number one reason being is that it’s a very formal color that is not black which some brides find too formal and dark. Navy is the next best color for bridesmaids because it can be formal or even casual but is always very flattering to all figures and skin tones. I am sure you are asking why is Navy flattering on most bodies? Well, it is a dark color to cover any lumps or bumps and can even and balance out the body. Also, navy is complimentary to most skin tones because it is rich jewel tone that is generally very pretty on light to dark skin tones.

Jasmine Bridal has got your Navy Bridesmaid party styles covered with their endless variety in dresses available in the color Navy. With Jasmine, you will be able to choose from several lace bridesmaid gowns, navy chiffon bridesmaid styles, navy dupioni bridesmaid gowns and navy styles in crepe and soft tulle. The navy bridesmaid options are limitless when a bride chooses to shop within Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid lines Belsoie, B2 and Jasmine Bridesmaids. Again, just like with pink bridesmaid gowns, a bride can choose all the same style for a navy bridal party or the bride may choose to mix and match styles. You can see in the above image that navy is a fabulous color to mix and match due to its slenderizing dark blue hue and wide variety of styles available in it. You can see above a navy style with satin bodice and chiffon skirt with a simple beaded waistband, then a full navy sequin dress in the middle and on the right side is a beautiful lace top with a cap sleeve and flattering chiffon skirt.

Black Bridesmaid Gowns

Having your besties dress in the color black can be a very elegant look. Although, dressing your bridesmaids in the color black is not exactly a “trend” in bridesmaids it is very popular because every woman knows how amazing they can feel in a black dress. Allowing your bridesmaid to look and feel fabulous in black will give you major ‘best bride ever’ points with your bridal party. Almost every woman can agree that there is something they love about wearing a black dress whether it is a short cocktail length bridesmaid wear or floor length bridesmaid gown. Black is very versatile and can work for a black-tie wedding event or a casual backyard barbecue wedding. Whether this black bridesmaid gown idea can work will depend on the dress style the bride will choose.

Jasmine Bridal offers every single dress in black which means the bride has no limit to what type of black bridesmaid wears she can choose for her gal pals. Go short in a simple black chiffon bridesmaid gowns from Jasmine Bridal’s affordable bridesmaid wears line or go very chic with a black tulle gown with layers of black tulle and soft black lace flecked with gold thread from Belsoie by Jasmine Bridal.


Earthy Bridesmaid Gowns

If you are a bride that would love to have your wedding outdoors then considering an earthy bridesmaid wear for your bridal party will be a great idea. If you are considering a wedding that takes place outdoors whether it’s on a mountain top, in a backyard, in a forest or oceanside then an earthy color tone may be exactly what you need. There are a few different options when considering bridesmaid gowns that give a natural kind of feeling. First, the bridesmaid wears should be lightweight so the women are not too hot or weighted down by heavy fabrics. Also, the dresses must be easy to move around in or comfortable bridesmaid wears to not restrict the bridesmaid’s movements. An earthy, natural or boho bride may want to consider chiffon bridesmaid gowns for their fabric and choose a color that is found naturally in the earth. One of the top trending colors for a natural look is taupe bridesmaid gowns, shades of green bridesmaid gowns, champagnes and mochas colored bridesmaid gowns and if the wedding is being held oceanside then shades of blues would be considered earthy.


Gold Bridesmaid Gowns

Gold bridesmaid gowns can be considered gold metallic bridesmaid gowns or just a flat matte color of gold often referred to as champagne when it is shown in a matte chiffon fabric. Gold bridesmaid gowns has become the new neutral bride party color because it works wonderful as a soft accent without being too bright or taking away from the bride and groom or their beautiful venue décor. Gold bridesmaid gowns can be a little bit tricky to ensure the gold color looks good on all skin types but this can be found within Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid lines.

Another way to do gold bridesmaid gowns is to mix the gold color whether it be rose gold, light gold or gold sequins with a soft chiffon skirt. If the bride chooses this type of bridesmaid style that mixes the fabrics she can get her radiant metallic combined with a very romantic chiffon skirt. It is really the best of both worlds when it comes to bridesmaid fabrics.

Silver Bridesmaid Gowns

Silver bridesmaid gowns can be super elegant and add that glamour feeling the bride may be envisioning. The reason silver dresses for the bridal is so popular is because it is soft, romantic, and not too loud. Silver dresses can give a very formal or even a casual look depending on the bridesmaid wear style the bride chooses. The great part of choosing silver bridesmaid wears is that the bride will be able to match almost any color accents within her flowers, her table décor and even her own wedding dress style to coordinate with ease because silver is the most common metallic used in flatware, table décor, aisle décor and much more. If you are a bride who wants to make things coordinate with ease, choose a soft silver bridesmaid wear for your bridal party and the rest of your wedding day planning with be relaxed.

Lace Bridesmaid Gowns

Lace bridesmaid gowns have been in popular demand for over five years now and this trend is not going anywhere. There is something so elegant and romantic about a soft chiffon dresses with a lace top or skirt. The combination of lace and chiffon bridesmaid gowns is very popular for Jasmine Bridal’s line B2.

The bride may go for an all over lace dress or a lace dress with lace details, like a lace bodice, lace jacket or lace skirt. All of these lace options really bring a bridal party’s look to a high level of style.

A lot of brides that choose a lace wedding dress will choose lace bridesmaid gowns for her bridal party as it compliments each other well. Jasmine Bridal offers a large variety in bridesmaid styles with a wide range of different silhouettes, neckline shapes and skirt shapes that incorporate lace in the bridesmaid gown.

The most important detail when choosing a lace bridesmaid gown is to make sure that the dress comes in the perfect color to match your wedding day vision. When you shop Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid lines, you will find that each style comes in a wide variety of colors from soft pink, blush, neutral colors like taupe, champagne, almond, many jewel tones like navy, emerald, and Bordeaux to soft smoky shades of gray like bluestone, amethyst and more!

Chiffon Bridesmaid Gowns

Chiffon bridesmaid gowns and special occasion dresses have been ruling the wedding industry for almost a decade! Chiffon has become a bride’s go to bridesmaid fabric due to many reasons. A major reason is that chiffon is lightweight, flowing and romantic. Chiffon bridesmaid gowns will flatter all types of body shapes and sizes as it flows away from the body giving an airy and ethereal look.

Chiffon bridesmaid gowns are the perfect choice for any type of wedding! These beautiful gowns have a very fluid style in which can fit any venue or style, the major detail to make the chiffon dresses fit your wedding day style is to choose the right color.

If you are planning a very formal wedding, then go for a darker color like black, navy, and bordeaux or even a neutral color like taupe, almond, or sandstone. If you plan to have a bohemian inspired wedding, then go for a color you can find in nature like a mossy green, soft mocha, or colors that you will find in your favorite flower bouquet like pops of hot pink, pastel pink, blush, purples, and corals.

Sequins Bridesmaid Gowns

Whether you are a bride planning a beautiful rustic barn wedding, formal black-tie event or casual beach wedding, sequins have become another staple in the wedding industry. Sequin bridesmaid gowns add such a beautiful sparkle to your wedding day without being too overwhelming.

Sequin bridesmaid gowns have come a long way making their way onto red carpets across the world and onto various wedding aisles in an array of colors. A popular sequin dress color is rose gold, light gold and blush. These popular sequin colors work well for a bridal party because they act as a neutral back drop for a beautiful bridal bouquet and anchor the wedding day look.

There are so many types of sequin bridesmaid gowns nowadays. A popular sequin style is strapless, v-neckline, and a cowl back neckline is in high demand.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Gowns

A major detail that brides must be aware of when choosing bridesmaid gowns is to consider their plus size options and what the designer considers to be plus size. A lot of times, designers will charge a plus size fee and it can be quite overwhelming for a bridal party. Some designers do not charge anything extra for a plus size dress, which is the best option for a bridal party as this will not make anyone uncomfortable or demand that anyone has to pay more for being a larger size. In fact, most women will fit into this category when being fit for a bridesmaid gown. Bridesmaid gowns are typically made to order in which their size charts are European and tend to be a bit smaller than what American women are used to purchasing.

If you can find a good company that offers bridesmaid gowns in a wide range of sizes like size 0 to size 34 with a small or no fee policy for a “plus” size dress then you should choose this dress designer! Why? It is rare for a dress manufacturer to offer such a large range, typically designers will only go to size 18 and if they do go above a size 18, they will more than likely charge a fee to order a size larger than size 18.

Junior Bridesmaid Gowns

Do you have girls in your wedding that are anywhere from 8-14 years old? If so, finding a bridesmaid gown designer that allows their dresses to be made in a junior size is a major plus! Jasmine Bridal offers all of their Belsoie, B2, and Jasmine Bridesmaid gowns to be ordered in a junior size. The dress is exactly the same as the adult version except it is modified to fit a girl. There will not be any bust cups and the neckline will be raised to ensure the neckline is not too revealing for a young girl.

Maternity Bridesmaid Gowns

Most women who plan to be married have girlfriends who have already been through the marriage process and may have children already. When choosing bridesmaid gowns, it is very important to be accommodating to all the women in your bridal party. Jasmine Bridal offers a wide range of maternity styles to accommodate any bridal party. Your pregnant bridesmaid, maid of honor or matron of honor will love the maternity bridesmaid gown options at Jasmine Bridal. The maternity dresses are empire cut waistlines with extra fabric in the skirt to make room for a growing belly. Not only will your pregnant bridesmaid love her options with Jasmine Bridal but she will be comfortable throughout your wedding day.