• bridesmaid dresses by raviolia

      If you are a bride that would love to have your wedding outdoors then considering an earthy bridesmaid wear for your bridal party will be a great idea. If you are considering a wedding that takes place outdoors whether it’s on a mountain top, in a backyard, in a forest or oceanside then an earthy color tone may be exactly what you need.
      There are a few different options when considering bridesmaid gowns that give a natural kind of feeling. First, the bridesmaid wears should be lightweight so the women are not too hot or weighted down by heavy fabrics. Also, the dresses must be easy to move around in or comfortable bridesmaid wears to not restrict the bridesmaid’s movements.
      An earthy, natural or boho bride may want to consider chiffon bridesmaid gowns for their fabric and choose a color that is found naturally in the earth. One of the top trending colors for a natural look is taupe bridesmaid gowns, shades of green bridesmaid gowns, champagnes and mochas colored bridesmaid gowns and if the wedding is being held oceanside then shades of blues would be considered earthy. bridesmaid dresses

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