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      A major detail that brides must be aware of when choosing bridesmaid gowns is to consider their plus size options and what the designer considers to be plus size. A lot of times, designers will charge a plus size fee and it can be quite overwhelming for a bridal party. Some designers do not charge anything extra for a plus size dress, which is the best option for a bridal party as this will not make anyone uncomfortable or demand that anyone has to pay more for being a larger size. In fact, most women will fit into this category when being fit for a bridesmaid gown. Bridesmaid gowns are typically made to order in which their size charts are European and tend to be a bit smaller than what American women are used to purchasing.
      If you can find a good company that offers bridesmaid gowns in a wide range of sizes like size 0 to size 34 with a small or no fee policy for a “plus” size dress then you should choose this dress designer! Why? It is rare for a dress manufacturer to offer such a large range, typically designers will only go to size 18 and if they do go above a size 18, they will more than likely charge a fee to order a size larger than size 18. bridesmaid dresses

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