Chiffon Bridesmaid Gowns

        Chiffon bridesmaid gowns and special occasion dresses have been ruling the wedding industry for almost a decade! Chiffon has become a bride’s go to bridesmaid fabric due to many reasons. A major reason is that chiffon is lightweight, flowing and romantic. Chiffon bridesmaid gowns will flatter all types of body shapes and sizes as it flows away from the body giving an airy and ethereal look.

Chiffon bridesmaid gowns are the perfect choice for any type of wedding! These beautiful gowns have a very fluid style in which can fit any venue or style, the major detail to make the chiffon dresses fit your wedding day style is to choose the right color. If you are planning a very formal wedding, then go for a darker color like black, navy, and bordeaux or even a neutral color like taupe, almond, or sandstone. If you plan to have a bohemian inspired wedding, then go for a color you can find in nature like a mossy green, soft mocha, or colors that you will find in your favorite flower bouquet like pops of hot pink, pastel pink, blush, purples, and corals.

Sequins Bridesmaid Gowns
Whether you are a bride planning a beautiful rustic barn wedding, formal black-tie event or casual beach wedding, sequins have become another staple in the wedding industry. Sequin bridesmaid gowns add such a beautiful sparkle to your wedding day without being too overwhelming.

Sequin bridesmaid gowns have come a long way making their way onto red carpets across the world and onto various wedding aisles in an array of colors. A popular sequin dress color is rose gold, light gold and blush. These popular sequin colors work well for a bridal party because they act as a neutral back drop for a beautiful bridal bouquet and anchor the wedding day look.

There are so many types of sequin bridesmaid gowns nowadays. A popular sequin style is strapless, v-neckline, and a cowl back neckline is in high demand.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Gowns

A major detail that brides must be aware of when choosing bridesmaid gowns is to consider their plus size options and what the designer considers to be plus size. A lot of times, designers will charge a plus size fee and it can be quite overwhelming for a bridal party. Some designers do not charge anything extra for a plus size dress, which is the best option for a bridal party as this will not make anyone uncomfortable or demand that anyone has to pay more for being a larger size. In fact, most women will fit into this category when being fit for a bridesmaid gown. Bridesmaid gowns are typically made to order in which their size charts are European and tend to be a bit smaller than what American women are used to purchasing.

If you can find a good company that offers bridesmaid gowns in a wide range of sizes like size 0 to size 34 with a small or no fee policy for a “plus” size dress then you should choose this dress designer! Why? It is rare for a dress manufacturer to offer such a large range, typically designers will only go to size 18 and if they do go above a size 18, they will more than likely charge a fee to order a size larger than size 18.

Junior Bridesmaid Gowns
Do you have girls in your wedding that are anywhere from 8-14 years old? If so, finding a bridesmaid gown designer that allows their dresses to be made in a junior size is a major plus! Jasmine Bridal offers all of their Belsoie, B2, and Jasmine Bridesmaid gowns to be ordered in a junior size. The dress is exactly the same as the adult version except it is modified to fit a girl. There will not be any bust cups and the neckline will be raised to ensure the neckline is not too revealing for a young girl.

Maternity Bridesmaid Gowns
Most women who plan to be married have girlfriends who have already been through the marriage process and may have children already. When choosing bridesmaid gowns, it is very important to be accommodating to all the women in your bridal party. Jasmine Bridal offers a wide range of maternity styles to accommodate any bridal party. Your pregnant bridesmaid, maid of honor or matron of honor will love the maternity bridesmaid gown options at Jasmine Bridal. The maternity dresses are empire cut waistlines with extra fabric in the skirt to make room for a growing belly. Not only will your pregnant bridesmaid love her options with Jasmine Bridal but she will be comfortable throughout your wedding day.

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