Gold Bridesmaid Gowns

        Silver bridesmaid gowns can be super elegant and add that glamour feeling the bride may be envisioning. The reason silver dresses for the bridal is so popular is because it is soft, romantic, and not too loud. Silver dresses can give a very formal or even a casual look depending on the bridesmaid wear style the bride chooses. The great part of choosing silver bridesmaid wears is that the bride will be able to match almost any color accents within her flowers, her table décor and even her own wedding dress style to coordinate with ease because silver is the most common metallic used in flatware, table décor, aisle décor and much more. If you are a bride who wants to make things coordinate with ease, choose a soft silver bridesmaid wear for your bridal party and the rest of your wedding day planning with be relaxed.

Gold bridesmaid gowns can be considered gold metallic bridesmaid gowns or just a flat matte color of gold often referred to as champagne when it is shown in a matte chiffon fabric. Gold bridesmaid gowns has become the new neutral bride party color because it works wonderful as a soft accent without being too bright or taking away from the bride and groom or their beautiful venue décor. Gold bridesmaid gowns can be a little bit tricky to ensure the gold color looks good on all skin types but this can be found within Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid lines.

Another way to do gold bridesmaid gowns is to mix the gold color whether it be rose gold, light gold or gold sequins with a soft chiffon skirt. If the bride chooses this type of bridesmaid style that mixes the fabrics she can get her radiant metallic combined with a very romantic chiffon skirt. It is really the best of both worlds when it comes to bridesmaid fabrics.

Lace Bridesmaid Gowns

Lace bridesmaid gowns have been in popular demand for over five years now and this trend is not going anywhere. There is something so elegant and romantic about a soft chiffon dresses with a lace top or skirt. The combination of lace and chiffon bridesmaid gowns is very popular for Jasmine Bridal’s line B2. The bride may go for an all over lace dress or a lace dress with lace details, like a lace bodice, lace jacket or lace skirt. All of these lace options really bring a bridal party’s look to a high level of style.

A lot of brides that choose a lace wedding dress will choose lace bridesmaid gowns for her bridal party as it compliments each other well. Jasmine Bridal offers a large variety in bridesmaid styles with a wide range of different silhouettes, neckline shapes and skirt shapes that incorporate lace in the bridesmaid gown.

The most important detail when choosing a lace bridesmaid gown is to make sure that the dress comes in the perfect color to match your wedding day vision. When you shop Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid lines, you will find that each style comes in a wide variety of colors from soft pink, blush, neutral colors like taupe, champagne, almond, many jewel tones like navy, emerald, and Bordeaux to soft smoky shades of gray like bluestone, amethyst and more!

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