Mix and Match Bridesmaid Gowns

        It is your big wedding day. Some other questions you may want to answer before stepping into the bridal shops are, what style dresses will compliment your venue and your wedding dress? What color bridal party will best showcase your event? These are questions you must ask yourself before the bridesmaid wear shopping begins. Mix and Match bridesmaid gowns have become so popular and a trend that was started many years ago. This trend has become the new normal in the wedding industry and we have started to see this trend continue to grow and change. Many brides play it safe with this trend or they can go completely wild! A Traditional Bride and her bridal party will typically wear the exact same bridesmaid gowns. This has been the standard in the bridal industry for many years and we do not see this trend ever going away. It is the easiest, and most simple way to obtain the wedding day look the bride has in mind. The bride simply chooses one bridesmaid wear and has her bridesmaid go into the bridal salon to be measured and fit and place an order for their bridesmaid dresses . This type of traditional way of shopping has its pros and cons. A pro is that the bride can simply choose her favorite style and the most perfect shade to match her wedding day vision. The con is that this dress may not fit and flatter all of her bridesmaids. However, when shopping with Jasmine Bridal, this option is very easy because Jasmine Bridal offers three bridesmaids lines with three different price ranges and styles giving the brides many options in styles in the largest size range from size 0 to size 34. When selecting a gown from Belsoie, B2 or Jasmine Bridesmaids- the customer can also select a “custom measurement” option ensuring the dress fits their bodies. Another reason that Jasmine Bridal is great for a bride who wants everyone in the same dress is that they offer maternity bridesmaid gowns and junior bridesmaid wear in the most variety of sizes, colors and fabrics in the industry. Before planning a bridesmaid gown shopping spree, the bride must decide the overall bridesmaid party look she wants to achieve. Once, the bride has made a decision, let the shopping commence! Here are a few color and style combinations to consider for a beautiful bridal party. Keep reading to be inspired for your complete bridal party look.


Pink Bridesmaid Gowns

If you are a bride that wants a pretty in pink bridesmaid party, you are not alone. Shades of pink have been gracing wedding aisles for decades. Brides have easily fallen in love with pink bridesmaid wear because it is a popular color of wedding flowers and a well-known color of romance.

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