Beautiful Ombré Bridesmaid Party Look

        If you are a bride that wants a pretty in pink bridesmaid party, you are not alone. Shades of pink have been gracing wedding aisles for decades. Brides have easily fallen in love with pink bridesmaid wear because it is a popular color of wedding flowers and a well-known color of romance.Jasmine Bridal has so many vintage pink bridesmaid dresses options from traditional to trendy styles, you can choose one color for all your bridesmaids to wear or choose several for a beautiful ombré bridesmaid party look.

Jasmine Bridal offers so many options for pink bridesmaid gowns especially in their chiffon bridesmaid wears. Here are just a few of their beautiful shades of pink; Rose, Misty Pink, Primrose, Gardenia, Sunset Floral Print in Pink, Dreamsicle which has a peachy-pink tone, New Shell Pink, and Rose Petal can be found within Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid line’s color pallets. There is no chance that you will not be able to find the perfect shade of pink to match your personal wedding day style and preference.
If you want to have all your bridesmaids in the same dress, it is easy to do with Jasmine Bridal’s Bridesmaid lines Belsoie, B2 and Jasmine Bridesmaids. Simply choose the bridesmaid gown and the color you want and have your girls place their orders at the same bridal salon.

Navy Bridesmaid Gowns

Navy bridesmaid gowns has been a huge trend in the bridal world for quite some time. The number one reason being is that it’s a very formal color that is not black which some brides find too formal and dark. Navy is the next best color for bridesmaids because it can be formal or even casual but is always very flattering to all figures and skin tones. I am sure you are asking why is Navy flattering on most bodies? Well, it is a dark color to cover any lumps or bumps and can even and balance out the body. Also, navy is complimentary to most skin tones because it is rich jewel tone that is generally very pretty on light to dark skin tones.

Jasmine Bridal has got your Navy Bridesmaid party styles covered with their endless variety in dresses available in the color Navy. With Jasmine, you will be able to choose from several lace bridesmaid gowns, navy chiffon bridesmaid styles, navy dupioni bridesmaid gowns and navy styles in crepe and soft tulle. The navy bridesmaid options are limitless when a bride chooses to shop within Jasmine Bridal’s three bridesmaid lines Belsoie, B2 and Jasmine Bridesmaids. Again, just like with pink bridesmaid gowns, a bride can choose all the same style for a navy bridal party or the bride may choose to mix and match styles. You can see in the above image that navy is a fabulous color to mix and match due to its slenderizing dark blue hue and wide variety of styles available in it. You can see above a navy style with satin bodice and chiffon skirt with a simple beaded waistband, then a full navy sequin dress in the middle and on the right side is a beautiful lace top with a cap sleeve and flattering chiffon skirt.

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