What do Custom Design Services Mean for You?

Many times, when brides try on gowns, they love the overall look of a gown, but wish it were diferent in some small ( or sometimes huge ) way ! Jasmine 's custom services allow you to make those changes. Here are just a few examples of the modifications we make to our gowns on a regular basis:

  • Change neckline
  • Change train
  • Change embroidery or embellishment pattern
  • Add / Delete detail on skirt
  • Change skirt silhouette
  • Add sleeves
  • Change sleeve length
Typical Design Changes:

Even though Jasmine can usually make ANY design change that is requested, there are changes that are requested over and over again. Here are some examples of typical design changes that our customers request:

Now you finally are able to change the gown so you can be as comfortable as possible on your wedding day. Please give one of our authorized Jasmine retailers a call today at 1-800-634-0224 to get a professional consultation on customizing a Jasmine wedding dress!