• - Can I purchase a dress directly from you or over the Internet?

    No, we strongly discourage consumers from purchasing any Jasmine gown over the Internet, as none of the authorized, full service retailers are permitted to sell our products online.

    You may see our dresses advertised online, however, to guarantee excellent customer service and quality (not an imposter) please purchase the dress from an authorized retailer.
  • - How much does the dress cost?

    The authorized Jasmine retailer will provide you with pricing and availability information.
  • - Where can I obtain a swatch?

    You can obtain a swatch from the authorized Jasmine retailer in which you plan on purchasing the dresses from. They will contact us directly and we would be happy to fill the order promptly.
  • - Do the dresses come in other colors than pictured on the website?

    Yes. All dresses come in a variety of colors. With Jasmine’s ability to change the fabric of the gowns, we offer more color choices than what is pictured for the original design fabric.

    Please contact an authorized Jasmine retailer for color swatches and options.
  • - What sizes do the gowns come in?

    For Bridal and Bridesmaids: 0-34 anything over a 34 can be custom made for an additional cost. Extra skirt length is also available.
    For junior bridesmaids: size 4 to16 . Special Occasions : size 0-30W.

    Please contact an authorized Jasmine retailer as their knowledgeable staff would be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate sized gown for you.
  • - Do you carry Junior Bridesmaids or Flower Girl dresses?

    Yes, we do. Please go to the on-line catalog for Juniors style information.
  • - Can I order the dress in a different fabric?

    Yes. Please see an authorized Jasmine retailer for pricing information and availability.
  • - One of my bridesmaids is pregnant. Do you make maternity dresses?

    Yes, we do. Several of our most popular bridesmaids gowns are also available in maternity styling. The gowns are noted as "available in maternity" in the product description remarks.
  • - Can you send me a picture of the front/back of the dress?

    No. The pictures that appear on the website and our catalogs are the only photos available. Please visit an authorized Jasmine retailer to view a sample of the dress or visit our on line catalog at www.jasminebridal.com.
  • - How can I reach you?

    Any unanswered questions, please contact us at csr@jasminebridal.com
  • - What is the difference between Couture and Collection?

    Jasmine Couture is known for couture, designer quality with affordable price, while Jasmine Collection is known for excellent quality.