Gold Bridesmaid Dresses-The right color theme from Jasmine Bridal

When a woman first gets proposed to, the feeling of excitement and pure joy exuberate from the newly engaged woman. Although it is exciting to be engaged and know that you are going to marry the man that you love, the thoughts slowly start to kick in; thoughts of planning a wedding. Once all of those feelings of being newly engaged start to settle in, that is when the stress slowly starts to kick in.

    • The stress that comes with being engaged and trying to make all the right choices that come along when preparing for a wedding. Every girl has dreamt of her wedding with gold and how she wants gold bridesmaid dresses to be, but once the day finally comes to plan it, it can become more than one can imagine or handle. One of the wedding decisions that brides-to-be have to make is a wedding color theme with gold bridesmaid dress. Having a wedding color theme really sets the mood and can be the launching pad on deciding what the other details of the wedding will be like. Will the bride choose a light pastel wedding color theme or go for a dark cool tone wedding color theme? Making the decision for gold on the wedding color theme is an important one. The brides-to-be may make the decision on gold wedding color theme to have based on when and where the wedding is going to take place. The when and where are crucial details when it comes to the other aspects of the wedding. If the wedding is going to take place in the summer then the wedding color theme will most likely be on the brighter and softer end of the color spectrum, like gold bridesmaid dress. If the wedding is going to take place in the winter then the wedding color theme will most likely be cooler color tones. The wedding color theme can also depend on the location of the wedding. A destination wedding in the Caribbean might push the bride to choose a wedding color theme that includes tropical colors. On the other hand, a mountain wedding might include duller color tones or a wedding in the woods might mean that the bride will choose colors that are inspired by nature or more likely tones of green and cream. Whatever the date and location of the wedding may be, there is one type of wedding color that looks good in a lot of weddings, whether it’s the main color or an accent color; it’s the color gold. Having gold in one’s wedding color theme can really add that striking attention onto the wedding that draws the guests’ attention.

      Perfect Gold Bridesmaid Dress

              It can be difficult trying to decide on a wedding color theme once the wedding planning begins, but Jasmine Bridal has so many pretty colors to choose from that will fit your wedding party perfectly. As stated before, a very popular wedding color for bridesmaids to wear that brides have loved over time is gold. It is the perfect color for a classy wedding that will never go out of style. The color gold not only looks good on the bridesmaids, but having a gold accent for the groomsmen is also a great color that does look good on a man’s suit. The groomsmen can either wear a gold necktie, bowtie, or even gold cufflinks that will tie well together with the wedding party color theme of gold. When it comes to the bridesmaids and finding the perfect gold bridesmaid dress, Jasmine Bridal has a selection of gold bridesmaid dress that are elegant and timeless. The gold sequins bridesmaid dresses have been doing well with the customers of Jasmine Bridal. A specific bridesmaid style that has become a popular one is from the more sophisticated and mature Belsoie line. The style L184065 from Fall 2016, which comes in light gold, is a customer favorite. It is a simple, but striking light gold bridesmaid dress with delicate spaghetti straps, a flattering blouson waist, and A-line skirt that create such a romantic and glamorous look. Another popular bridesmaid dress, which also comes in light gold, is style L194008 from Spring 2017. This bridesmaid style has a gorgeous low V-neckline with thin spaghetti straps, detailed gathers on the bodice and skirt, and a sexy front side slit. These two light bridesmaid dresses are classy and flattering.

      Light Gold Bridesmaid Dress

              Although these popular light gold bridesmaid dress are perfect for the bridal party, they can also be worn for special occasion. The light gold Belsoie dresses in light gold are the perfect dresses to where out to a special occasion because of the style of the dresses. They are not your typical bridesmaid dresses that can only be worn once. The two Jasmine Bridal dresses in light gold that are from the Belsoie line are beautifully designed. Styles L184065 and L194008 both have a simplicity to them, but at the same time are sophisticated and pretty enough to wear outside of the bridal party.

      Gold is a timeless color that can be beautifully paired with almost any other color. One of the more common pairings with gold is the classic and timeless color black. Black and gold are two colors that go well together and can make a very beautiful wedding color theme. The black and gold color combination has been seen in not only in the wedding industry, but in the fashion industry as well. Whether it is a black dress with gold accents or a black and gold dress, the two colors are sure to look good on the maid of honor and bridesmaids. Another good color combination aside from black and gold is navy and gold. The two colors of navy and gold can be very chic and sophisticated. A navy and gold wedding color theme can also look good if the bride and groom decide on having the groomsmen wear navy tuxedos or suits.

      If the men are wearing navy suits, then the bridesmaids can wear the gold dresses, which would fit into the navy and gold wedding color theme. Having two colors within a wedding theme gives brides several options to create the perfect bridal party look. Brides have the option of having their maid of honor wear gold and then having the bridesmaids wear black, navy, or whatever second color they choose for the wedding color theme; this creates a good contrast between the maid of honor and bridesmaids. Jasmine Bridal has endless black bridesmaid dresses and navy bridesmaid dresses in various styles and fabrics. Finding a bridesmaid style to go with the gold maid of honor dress or gold bridesmaid dress will be no problem when shopping with Jasmine Bridal. Another option that brides have is to choose a two-tone bridesmaid dress, which Jasmine Bridal does offer. Jasmine Bridal creates the perfect two-tone dresses that also have two different fabrics in one dress. Jasmine Bridal’s most popular mixed fabric dresses come in sequins and poly chiffon. The two fabrics of sequins and poly chiffon are perfect for the black and gold and navy and gold color combinations. Having a poly chiffon fabric in a color that goes well with the gold sequins fabric creates the perfect balance between the color and fabric. If one decides to have a color aside from the gold for a wedding color theme, it is really important to choose a color that balances well with the gold so that it does not clash. The two colors should blend well with each other and look pleasing to the eye.

      Not only does Jasmine Bridal have mixed fabric dresses, but they also have the perfect mix and match options for the bridal party! Mix and match has become on trend for weddings and bridal parties. Gone are days where the bridesmaids are expected to be wearing the exact same dresses in the exact same color. The mix and match trend is the perfect way for the bride to let her bridesmaids wear a dress that best suits each bridesmaid’s silhouette and personality. Seeing a variety of dresses within the bridal party is a very refreshing thing to see. The mix and match trend is a great way to combine different styles, textures, fabrics, and colors. Brides can stick to one color for the maid of honor and bridesmaids to wear, but have different style dresses. If the bride does not feel like sticking to one color, she can always choose two or more colors with two different style dresses. Brides can also have bridesmaids each wear something individually so that every girl is wearing something different.