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      Another way to have the pantsuit in a mix and match bridal party is to have every other bridesmaid wear the pantsuit to give the women variety. Having a wedding that is different and not like any other one that is seen or has been attended to can be difficult to do. People who have been wedding guests so many times start to see the same things over and over again. Having a pantsuit style for the bridesmaids or maid of honor is an amazing way to change it up. The bridesmaids or maid of honor wearing a pantsuit style will be a refreshing sight for the wedding guests, especially the ones who have attended many wedding in the past. Jasmine Bridal’s B2 Fall 2017 pantsuit, which does come in light gold and peach, has a jewel neckline, thin V straps on the back, and a wide leg that really completes the look. more info

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