The Top Mother of the Bride Dresses and Groom-Jasmine Bridal

The Top Mother of the Bride Dresses and Groom

The mother of the bride is one of the most special “guests” of the wedding day. The mother of the bride dresses will be in so many pictures on their children’s wedding day. They will also be the official wedding greeters and will be speaking with almost every guest who attends the special day. Sometimes the mothers of the bride will be involved in the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, family photos, and receptions; which means moms will be photographed quite a bit with mother of the bride dresses and also have so much interaction with everyone during the wedding. The Mom with her mother of the bride dresses should feel and look her best on such a busy and special day. Here is a quick rundown of the top trends for any mother of the bride. Jasmine Bridal offers quite a huge selection of figure flattering Mother of the bride dresses styles that are special ordered in any size from 0 to 34 in a wide range of colors and fabrics that are available.


Plus Size / Curvy Mother of the Bride Gowns

        Of course, mother of the brides come in all shapes and sizes. To give our mother of the bride customers a more tailored look, the Jasmine designers have created traditional mother of the bride dresses that have exquisite arm, chest and stomach coverage for the conservative mother and they have created romantic and body hugging gowns for mother of the bride. All of these traditional and sensual mothers of the bride dresses were designed with mom in mind which means they have options for proper body coverage, or they can choose gowns for mother of the bride that show off their arms, legs, chest and bodies. All of the mother of the groom and bride dresses from Jasmine Bridal which includes Jade Couture, Jade and Jasmine Black Label are available in size 0 to 34 with custom changes and custom measurements available upon request.

Tea Length Mother of the Groom & Bride Dresses

        A great choice for a mother of the bride that is not accustom in wearing a floor length mother of the bride gown can choose a tea length mother of the bride dresses. A tea length dress can give a very formal wedding day look while also being more comfortable for the mother. Most of the mother of the bride wear from Jasmine Bridal can be ordered in three different lengths which are Floor Length, Tea Length or Knee Length.

Floor Length is great because this style will give a great shape to any mother of the bride because when a woman wears mother of the bride gown with the right silhouette and superb fit then she will appear longer and leaner. A floor length mother of the bride gown is not limited to a formal wedding venue. Since there are so many different dress styles, details, and color options this style of dress can be worn to any type of event. We have seen beautiful floor length gowns at backyard weddings, garden weddings, destination weddings, to weddings in an intricate mansion, ballroom. The dress length to be catered to the specific mother of the bride wearing the dress. If the mother of the bride looks and feels her absolute best then her dress will be photographed well and perceived by the wedding guests as beautiful.

Mother of the Bride Pant suits / Jump suits
Recently, mother of the bride and grooms have requested pant suits and jump suits for their children’s’ weddings. There is a wide variety in styles for this. A mother of the bride may be looking for a more traditional pantsuit which is generally a wide leg chiffon pant with an elastic waistband with a separate top and matching chiffon jacket. We have seen this type of pant suits for many years and it is still being requested today due to its comfortability. A new trend is for the mothers to wear pant suits. This is a growing trend due to the popularity of jumpsuits in ready to wear clothing. Jumpsuits can be very comfortable, flattering and Jasmine Bridal has now made them available to custom order in different styles, colors and fabrics.

Long Mother of the Groom & Bride Dresses
Mother of the Brides generally look for a long mother of the bride gown. Generally speaking the bride will wear a floor length bridal gown making any type of wedding a bit on the formal side. This means, that mothers assume their dress should be floor length. Although, a beautiful floor length dress has been the norm for the past 40 years, this is not always the case. Jade Couture, Jade and Jasmine Black Label dresses come in a variety in lengths from Knee Length, Tea Length and Floor Length. Most of their dresses can be ordered with a “custom” length. For example, if you have fallen in love with a long mother of the bride dress from an Authorized Jasmine Retailer, you may request this gown be ordered with the skirt length cut to tea or knee length.

Lace Mother of the Groom & Bride Dresses
When it comes to planning your wedding attire, lace has been viewed as the go to fabric for the wedding industry. It’s classic, timeless, soft, elegant and has been reimagined in many modern dress styles. Jasmine Bridal changed the way colored lace mother of the bride garment can be ordered because Jasmine offers their lace dresses in such a wide variety in colors. The dresses are dyed to match the perfect color shade for your children’s wedding which makes lace mother of the bride clothing such an easy and perfect choice to wear on your children’s wedding day.