Perfect Silhouette

Have you ever wished you could figure out which style would look the best on you? Jasmine is here to help with a tutorial on what you need to know before you make that big decision on just which gown you want to wear.


Fitted at the bodice and has a waistline that leads to a FULL skirt.


fits closely to the body from the chest to the knee, then flares out to the hem.


Fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground, with on unbroken line (resembles the shape of an uppercase “A”)


Fits closely to the body until the midhip & then widens gradually to the hem. This silhouette is confused with the mermaid shape often, however this widens at mid hip whereas the mermaid widens below the knee.

Modified A-Line

This shape is the same as an A-Line, however can be more slim or fitted through the hip, overall shape resembles on “A”.


Fits close to the body on bodice & has a very straight skirt with no waistline defntion.

When you buy a Jasmine, you are buying more than just a dress. You are buying a gown for a very special moment in time, and the gown should fit as if it were made just for you! Since Jasmine sizes will not necessarily correspond to your usual off the rack size, you will need the services of a Jasmine authorized retailer to be sure you get the fit and look you deserve. Authorized retailers are specially trained to gather all the details and take all the measurements we will need to provide you with just the right look and the perfect fit.

    Sizes 00-34
    Custom sizes also available
    Sizes 00-34
    Custom sizes also available
    Sizes X00-30
    Custom sizes also available
    Sizes 00-30
    Custom sizes also available
    Sizes M04-M28
    Custom sizes also available
    Sizes J04-J16
    Custom sizes also available
    Sizes F03-F12
    Custom sizes also available

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Jasmine Bridal has helped provide ease of mind and satisfaction for thousands of customers. Our customization options for our bridal gowns make creating the gown you've been dreaming about possible. Our fast delivery options make dress shopping a breeze to accommodate almost any dates. Not only do our dresses appeal to a bride, bridesmaid, mother or the bride/groom and wedding guests, they can also double as special occasion dresses! Come see our dresses in person by finding a store or trunk show near you!