• dress for groom mother

      There may be a Mother of the Bride who has fallen in love with a Mother of the Bride dress, but does not like the complete style. These custom services that Jasmine Bridal offers is perfect for that type of situation. Jasmine Bridal understands that there are some beautiful Mother of the Bride dresses that do not have sleeves, and there are some women who prefer to be a little more covered up. Mother of the Brides/Grooms have the option to add sleeves to a Mother of the Bride dress that they love in order to create a more modest, sophisticated look. They can also add the sleeves if they just do not want to show their arms on the wedding day. The sleeve change custom service is also perfect for a Mother of the Bride who is attending a Fall or Winter wedding that may be outdoors or even indoors and wants to have a more covered up look. Adding some sleeves can add some slight warmth to the arms as well for any Fall or Winter wedding. Jasmine Bridal

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