• womens white jacket dress

      The three different Mother of the Bride lines that Jasmine Bridal carries are all a bit different in style, but can easily be noticed as a Jasmine Bridal dress with their signature fabrics that they use to create their Mother of the Bride dresses. The Jade Couture line is the most luxurious Mother of the Bride line that Jasmine Bridal carries. Jade Couture consists of a lot of floor length Mother of the Bride dresses made with lace, sequin lace, satin face chiffon, and more luxurious looking fabrics. A lot of these fabrics that are used for Jade Couture help create the Jasmine Bridal look. The fabrics of lace, sequin lace, satin face chiffon, and more also add to the more luxurious look that Jasmine Bridal wants to create with the Jade Couture line. There is also a variety of sleeves and necklines that make up the Mother of the Bride lines. womens white jacket dress

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