The Bridal Veil Styles

Finding the right sexy wedding dresses for your special wedding day is one of the most important things to do when planning a wedding, but aside from wedding dress shopping brides-to-be have to take into consideration of what kind of bridal veil to wear with the wedding dress. There are many different veil styles to choose from once the wedding dress has been purchased. Jasmine Bridal carries various bridal veil styles that the bride can purchase after deciding on what wedding dress to wear. There are layered bridal veils, short bridal veils, and long bridal veils. When it comes to the long bridal veils, Jasmine Bridal carries bridal veil styles that extend out either to the train or may even extend past the wedding dress train. Jasmine Bridal’s long bridal veils can either be plain or include lace details. One of the plain bridal veils is style V020L which is all tulle and is 97 inches long, but can also be made to be 40 inches long (which is labeled as V020) for brides who do not want such a long bridal veil. Not only does Jasmine Bridal give you the option to choose between two different lengths, but they also offer several different colors for their bridal veils. Style V020L is featured in the Vintage color, but also comes in the colors New Shell Pink, Gold, Ivory, and White. This specific plain tulle bridal veil can go perfectly with whatever sexy wedding dress you choose from Jasmine Bridal because it is very simple and classy. Style V020L will not take away from the details of the sexy wedding dress and it will allow the sexy wedding dress to really be the focal point on your special wedding day. Along with this simple and classy bridal veil, Jasmine Bridal has bridal veils with delicately beautiful lace detail that will look perfect with many different sexy wedding dresses. One of the very beautiful bridal veils with lace worked into it is style V021L. This bridal veil of style V021L is pure tulle with gorgeous lace trimming that really adds a timeless touch to the bridal veil. The featured color of style V021L is ivory, but this particular bridal veil is also available in the color white. Just like the plain bridal veil style V020L, this style V021L is also 97 inches long. You can also get style V021L in a shorter version of 40 inches with the style number V020.


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